Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas 2016

Mom flew in on Thursday afternoon, it was a sunny beautiful day. I could get used to having her stay, and hopefully someday she will. Christmas Eve was wonderful, Sasha and Patti came over for dinner and the food turned out better than I expected. We had ham of course, homemade Au Gratin potatoes and Brussels sprouts. They brought a wonderful eggnog cream pie they made and that is one recipe I am planning to keep on the seasonal favorites list!

Afterward we exchanged gifts and sat around the fire and Christmas tree playing with the dogs and just reminiscing and visiting. Jake and Sasha made us a lovely themed basket full of international goodies from World Market, everything is so interesting in it. Patti gave us some home made wax melts for our candle warmers and ones that aren't too strong for me to handle. It was nice to visit with them and spend time to get to know them better.

Savannah and I made cut out cookies and watched Snow Day. Christmas morning I caught a glimpse of the snow falling in the sky before my eyes were fully awake and by the time I had my coffee in hand it had stopped. We flipped on the Christmas music and put the fireplace on and all opened our gifts. It is such a lovely way to spend time together, the giving is my favorite part. We ate breakfast and watched Christmas Story, and I fell asleep. Later mom and I watched a true story movie called All Mine to Give, it was a good movie. Sad but good. I love watching old movies, they always bring a nostalgic mood out in me.

Hoping you all had a very merry Christmas!
Santa's little helper...

Muffers and her stocking

Waking up...

Christmas morning...

Thursday, December 08, 2016

Happy birthday to my grandson, Ryan

I haven't seen Ryan in 5 years, and I only have memories of him when he was staying with us. We live so far away from him and his mother has been estranged from our family for some time so he has no idea who I even am. I often look at the pictures of when we got to spend time together. And now that he is staying with my brother's family back in Utah temporarily, I am reminded of that cute little boy who I love. I hope he is enjoying his birthday and I hope I will get to see him in person soon. 

This little Ninja Turtle turns 6 today. I can't believe how big he has grown!

Making Christmas cookies

Happy with his new haircut

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

2nd Tradition Bennett family Christmas Tree

We didn't cut our tree down this year, but we went to the same farm as last year. When we arrived we found out there were two lots. Unfortunately the one we wanted to go to where they had the gift shop and the snack bar was not offering the horse rides or cutting for the year. The lot needed a break but we still looked around in the shop and bought our wreath. We also picked a pre-cut balsam fir that they had cut from the other lot and brought over. Jake and Sasha came with us and even though there wasn't a horse drawn ride, we still all spent the day together. After the tree was up and the lights put on, Jake and Charlie went shopping at Home Depot and Savannah and I got to visit with Sasha while we finished decorating. We all went out for dinner later that night and it was just a really good day.

I just love spending time with my family and am looking forward to getting to know Sasha better too. She and Jake are so cute together. I am so happy for them and it was fun to hear about their first date. Perhaps next year they will be getting a tree of their own right along with us.
View of a Wisconsin Tree Farm, last year this lot was packed! I just love farms! I'd live on one if I had the chance. 

Savannah training Cowboy 

Jake found a new buddy 

Muffers enjoying the tree, she has always loved being around the tree every year

Savannah's Charlie Brown tree 

Hauling the tree to the car