Sunday, February 14, 2016

Checking in...

It is already the middle of February! Time flies fast, weeks seem like days, months seem like weeks. Savannah's birthday came and went. I gotta say my heart strings are pulled when I see the toys in the stores. She is no longer interested, maybe Barbie some but not much. I no longer have a little girl. She is almost as tall as I am too!

In January Savannah and I spent a weekend in La Crosse to visit Charlie where he was for training in his new job. We went to see a movie in an old theater which looked like Cinderella's castle inside, it had a big black and white checkered ballroom floor in front and great ice cream cones. Later that night we had hibachi dinner and the best sushi! Since he got back has been busy working in Milwaukee these past two weeks but does come home on weekends. Soon there will be a contract for work that will last a few years here in Green Bay so we are looking forward to that.

The next two weeks his training is in St. Paul MN and we'll set out Friday to meet up with him for the weekend where we are planning to visit the Mall of America. His employer is very generous in providing him all the amenities he needs for his job, it has been very appreciated, but I do have to say I will be glad to see him more than a few days at a time. I sure am thankful the boys can help with taking the dog while we are gone to visit him and I hope all 5 of us can take a family trip this year together.

Michael got a raise at work and is keeping steady these days. I am so glad things are looking up for him. I am also very happy that Jake is helping him out too. I really have some good boys.

Today was Valentine's Day and while we only had a short day to spend together Charlie and I had fun picking out house plants. It occurred to us that since we've moved here and now that Buddy (the plant killer) has been gone, we've never gotten any live plants. So we threw out the old silk one that was left by the previous owners and got a couple new ones to start with.

We've planted one already and it is amazing how it adds so much life back into the home. This was such a special gift in itself, I'll always look at the plants and remember our Valentine's Day shopping for them. And of course the Pandora charm Charlie gave me is beautiful too - it is a heart shaped charm that opens up with a wedding ring inside. I'll never forget his re-proposing to me as I opened the charm and how he said, "Will you marry me again?" Melted my heart. I just love my husband.

12 Years Old!

Daddy opening his gift too, belated but not forgotten

Even her cake is growing up!

My little Mermaid

Silly kid!

Our Valentine's Plant

What a surprise!

YES! The answer was Yes!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Season's Greetings

Thanksgiving was perfect - I just love it. Charlie's parents arrived that morning and we had a lovely afternoon all together catching up and exchanging some gifts. . Day after we all went to the tree farm and spent the day finding the perfect Christmas tree. Once we found it we were taken back to the farm on a horse drawn wagon where we warmed up sipping on hot cocoa and eating snacks afterward. We finished the evening with the kids decorating the tree and reminiscing about Christmas' past. It was a perfect day. Even Savannah got a small tree to decorate for her bedroom.

Savannah and her best friend being silly at the tree farm

Charlie and the boys cutting down the tree

In the house

Finished product - as usual Michael and Jake did a great job putting on the lights and Savannah and her friend put on the ornaments. And of course Daddy got the star on, and it gave him a little trouble, but all's well that ends well. 

His parents also spoiled us all with a night out Prime Quarter - this is a great place where you can choose your steak (or tuna) from the meat cooler and head right over to the grill to cook it yourself. We really enjoy the conversation around the grill and Savannah grilled her own as well.

Charlie has started a new job working for Trane Ingersoll Rand as a Controls BAS Technician  and is really enjoying his new role. There are many new adventures and adjustments for us all as he is training and learning the company.

Michael has moved from Utah and is Jake's new roommate. He started working at Elite Coatings with Jake and they are both so busy with overtime I don't know that they get much rest. He seems to be doing well and is adjusting to single life. Jake is really taking on a lot with helping Michael out during this time.

Savannah's getting good grades in middle school and they had their Winter Concert for orchestra and it was lovely, she had a solo and wanted to surprise us and that she did. We were able to meet the gentleman who gave her the violin - in fact to tell you the story when it was the first day of 6th grade in Middle school, Savannah thought she signed up for Choir - but the 2nd day they told her she was signed up for Orchestra. When she got home that night she had told me this and then to find out the crossing guard offered to give her his daughter's violin that same day when she got off the bus from school. What a blessing! Had he not offered her that we wouldn't have had the violin for her.

Walking off stage

Playing Classic Christmas Medley - the teacher allowed us parents to get up close and take photos of our kids

I think she was a happy but embarrassed when she saw me on stage

I am so proud of all my kids and am so grateful for such a blessed life God has given me. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Goin' for a ride...

Life has been crazy busy since I last posted - like a roller coaster! I went to Utah and met my grand daughters for the first time. I cannot tell you how neat it felt to hear those little voices call me grandma. I almost looked behind me to see who else was there before I realized they were talking to me.

We went to the aquarium and had a fire with s'mores. We had a family BBQ and played on the swings and with Matt's chickens.

I was sad the day before I left though. I think it hit me that I was missing out on seeing them grow up in person. Sure I can see pictures and hear their stories but nothing like having them all sit on my lap at almost the exact same time and just being with them. Playing with them.


Michael's family and I

Charity and Destiny (not sure if that is the correct order) I had to try to remember which one was which according to the number of pony tails in their hair. All three are so cute and sweet. I miss them.

I was offered to permanently move back into the Service Department at work and we all seem to transition well into the new software program. I have continued to feel well and avoid major FM flareups so I am really feeling well and happy again.

Michael is temporarily living in Green Bay with Jake and looking for work. I pray he'll find something close or something on the bus route. I know he misses his family extremely but things will work out if they are meant to be. For now it is nice to visit with him and have everyone together even if for a season.

We had 15 large pine trees removed...and if you've ever been to our house you would know this was no easy feat. Well at least for the workers. It was a mess and we still have a lot of work to do to finish grinding the stumps, planting grass where the pine needles once were, and planting new and better trees for our yard. Needless to say though it is great to have a clean driveway free from pine cones and sap!

One memory from this summer is watching the Moon eclipse -Charlie, Savannah, and I -oh and the dog, sat on the roof and just enjoyed the show. 

Fall arrived and with it another birthday. Savannah made me a cake and we drove up to Door County -what a beautiful day it was that day! 

Michael is temporarily living in Green Bay with Jake and looking for work. I pray he'll find something close or something on the bus route. I know he misses his family extremely but things will work out if they are meant to be. For now it is nice to visit with him and have everyone together even if for a season.

Charlie will be ending his employment tomorrow at Nature's Way. He has been there for almost 9 years but these past few years it has been hard knowing we moved here for his job only to find the promising company he once worked for didn't move with him. It has been a whole different atmosphere and he stuck it out for a very long time. He has found a position with Ingersoll Rand in the division of Trane and will be working in the area of expertise he enjoys most -Electronic Controls. We are excited for this new adventure and have been greatly blessed by God with answered prayer.