Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sad day

My eyes burn and not from my leftover cold, but because our doggy died today. And the worst part is we don't know what happened to her. Charlie unfortunately had to go to the doctor after coming up with the same symptoms Savannah and I had - only his have been worse with coughing. Come to find out he has pneumonia. When he let Sheba out at noon after his doctor appt and she never barked back at the door, he went looking for her and she was found in the window well. It is so sad cause she had so much energy, spunk, and life in her and you should have seen her when we would come home from anywhere. She was so happy. I guess my efforts in getting a fence were little too late.

We'll miss you Sheba. :(

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I hate colds! Especially the kind that make your body ache. So in addition to being unable to breathe and taste or smell anything, I can't move either. What's worse is that Savannah's got it now too. It's hard enough to feel sorry for myself and try to take care of myself let alone do a good job for her as well. I hate colds. Just plain bad enough to make you feel miserable but not bad enough that you can still function, if you want to call what I've been doing for the past three days functioning. We went to the store this afternoon so I could get the ingredients for chicken noodle soup. Well I forgot the noodles but luckily I remembered before we left the store completely. So I guess I still have some functionality left, eh? Well hope you all are having a better evening than Savannah and I are.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

How cool is that?

I just love it! Charlie's job is giving the whole family free tickets to see the Pirates of the Caribbean III this month. Not just to us either, to all of their employees. At first I thought, "Big deal. I don't want to fight the crowd," but it's private so no worries. How cool is that? I guess I get overly excited about this stuff being that I work for the government and we aren't allowed to get any kickbacks other than great health insurance. Heh, they're even taking our pensions away.

And how cool is it that my sister from Seattle will be here tomorrow? My mom is flying her in for her Mother's Day present to herself. Now how can I compete with that? BTW, what do you get a mom for Mother's Day that has everything she needs? I'll come up with something though. I always do. My other sister is having a Cinco De Mayo/Mother's Day theme BBQ at her new house on Sunday so that sounds like a lot of fun.

Jacob is working hard to finish his year of 9th grade. He gets to go to Lagoon on Friday to play all! He has also been applying for jobs at the local pet stores and is zealous to find something that will help him in the field of work he has a goal to get a degree in. Can you picture my Jacob all grown up working as a Veterinarian?

Savannah is growing too fast. I wish I could pause and freeze time sometimes. My little girl. I cherish every moment I get with her. She now has learned to ride her three wheeled tricycle and is getting pretty darn good at it. She said her first prayer last night too, it was so cute! She's been able to complete her floor puzzle that she wasn't able to do before and I was so surprised! She did such a good job, she's even helped me with my Tigger puzzle and amazed me at all the pieces she fit together (not including the one she chewed).

Well have a happy Mother's Day everyone!