Thursday, July 26, 2007

Fun Weekend!

As you can tell we had a great weekend at Lagoon and the Ogden Dinosaur Park. We went with friends and their kids. Although we didn't get to swim there or even visit half the attractions we still made a full day of what we could. The next morning we visited the Hill Airforce Base Museum before going to the dinosaur park and then on the way home had a BBQ in Ogden canyon. I think it's safe to say that we ran the kids ragged instead of them running us ragged. Don't get me wrong though, we did do a good job of wearing ourselves out too! It was a much needed weekend away from all the drama that's been going on lately and a good prequel to our next vacation. Only one more week until our next excursion to the Oregon Coast!

Here I am with Savannah on the Ladybug

Savannah and Riley on the Jr. Speedway

Puff the magic dragon

Family photo at Hill AFB

Jake and Savannah at the Dinosaur Park

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Slowly but surely...

Welp, finally lost .8 more pounds! Why am I excited? Cause the last time I lost anything significant was a month ago...and to be honest it's been since March that I re-started WW after my short break and have lost a total of 7.8 lbs since then, so even though it's slower than it should be, at least I'm still on my way! I started a little over a year ago and my total now is 36.8 total however I haven't stepped on that treadmill since October 30th! So to encourage and motivate myself again, I bought a "Walk Away the Pounds" DVD and am going to try it! Maybe by buying myself some new clothes that will help to keep up my stride as well. I bought some cute stuff this past weekend and can't believe the difference it has made this past week to see myself in the mirror with clothes that I'm not swimming in!

Speaking of swimming we are going to head to Lagoon Saturday then spend the night in Ogden and the next day visiting the dinosaur park there. I am stoked. I need to get away from everything for a bit, even if we are going on vacation in only two weeks.