Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Big change...

Minus the yet to come wall hangings, curtains, and hall tree, you get the picture...

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ahhh Spring Cleaning!

So our remodeling is done. We are going out to look for a small coffee and end table and hopefully a chair to match the couch and sofa we bought. The rugs are still on order, I hope they come sooner than next Saturday. I have yet to post the final picture. Only thing is our walls will be bare for a while as we've gotta cut down on the spending. I want to add things as I see them rather than go shopping all at once with the pressure to buy something just to have anything on the wall if that makes any sense. I have some things in mind, I think I'll be making a trip to Tai Pan that's for sure. Saw some cute things last night at Pier 1 as well.

I can't believe how much we have collected since we lived here. We moved to this house in September of 2003 and it is terrible how much can be collected. I think it's mainly because I don't do a yearly spring cleaning as I should, or maybe it's just that I don't do anymore than what I need to on the weekends so that at least I have some enjoyment of a weekend.

Spring break was last week and Jake and his friend were offered to make a little money by helping me. Between them and myself, we loaded 5 garbage cans full of plain old garbage. He and his friend cleaned out or basement "yet to be" bathroom which had stuff piled up here and there that we didn't use. They also cleaned out the garage which was a full mess after all our remodeling if you know what I mean. They had also cleaned up the back yard that the dog had made a mess out of. He had chewed up his doggy bed and his toys were no longer good. I think that dog has too much time on his hands while were are work so we are looking to get a dog run so he will not continue to ruin the yard. We will have to replace at least one of the trees we put back there because of him and that really is a bummer.

I took a day off last week and cleaned my closet, pantry, and fridge. People at work thought I was crazy to use my vacation time to do such a thing. I know, I know, but I feel so much better and so much organized having doing it. I think that Oprah show on people who have a problem "hoarding" really pushed me in the mood to get it done too.

It's still really cold here. I am so tired of the winter. Soon it will be May and probably deathly hot. That's Utah for ya.

Savannah has moved to a big girl bed! She was getting the point of being able to touch the foot board of her toddler bed that I decided why not get her bed taken care of at the same time we were shopping for the couch. So I am really excited about some new changes going on over here. Next we really need to focus on our flower beds. We haven't take the time to do them since we moved in at all and I am not sure why. Probably cause Charlie and I both aren't very good green thumbs. I think our biggest barrier has been getting the brick laid for the borders. We need to hire a mason so it will look decent I think.

Ahhh the joys of homeownership. Sometimes I wish were in an apartment or a condo and didn't have all the tasks, but on the other hand doing them makes you feel good. It's just the part of getting the ambition that is hard...

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Quick entry turned into a lot longer than I planned...

Well now that Charlie is over his upper respiratory and sinus infections, he has his energy and gumph back and we will soon be on our way to completion with this project! I will be posting pictures, don't worry!

Bear got let out this week and was lost for a day. I am sure glad he had his tags on. I always want to take his collar off cause it looks uncomfortable but it is not an option I have found. Savannah doesn't realize that letting him out the front door is not the same as letting him out the back. I think she has learned her lesson though.

Savannah seems to think lately that when I come get her it from the babysitter's house, it is even more playtime and doesn't understand that I want to go home. She has fought me one to many times in this battle and I've come up with a solution that so far has worked.She has been doing so good. We have made a smile chart for her so that when she has completed 10 days worth of smiles she will be allowed to pick a prize. Getting the smiles means behaving at the time I pick her up at the babysitters, she is also allowed to get extra smiles on the weekends for doing her chores when asked. Today she only had 6 smiles but to prove to her that I wasn't fooling, I allowed her to pick a smaller prize. On the way home from the store I had reminded her that she had earned it and then she said, "I'm going to take good care of this." Amazing how a kid learns the value of money when they have to work for it.

Same thing with Jake, he got a bit of birthday money from grandma's and friends, well he has been trying to talk us into buying a juvenile hippo tang for the tank that costs about $45. I told him, "I guess you can go buy it for yourself with your birthday money now..." His reaction was just what I thought it would be..."Nah, I want to save my money." I told him that it wasn't as fun to buy stuff for the tank when he has to use his own money and he agreed. I think he'll appreciate what we do put in there.

Gotta run, we're taking Jacob out for his birthday/celebrating Charlie's recent raise/celebrating my upcoming raise in July. Have a great evening!