Saturday, July 19, 2008

5 Years...

(These pictures of us were taken prior to our meeting in 2002, they were the ones that were posted on our profiles from the the website where we met....and yes we both have gained weight!!!)

Not sure if you all knew how we met, but it was one night while surfing on MSN chat...well he started talking to me and told me how nice my picture was. Of course I immediately thought to myself, "Yeah sure, just another one of thos pervs out there..." Needless to say I wasn't much impressed with MSN Chat, there was a lot of garbabe. But this was my first time and as he continued his conversation with me I realized he was harmless.

So we talked online, on the phone, and through email for about 4 months before we actually met in person. The day we did meet time went so fast and I just felt so natural around him. It was odd for me since I have the tendency to want to either hide from new people or drink around them in order to feel comfortable with myself. I guess talking all that time I knew him emotionally and so it didn't bother me.

He was living in Wyoming and I still here in Utah where I always have been...I was glad we were as close as we were. After several visits between eachother we decided to just make life easier and so we moved him down here. My boys were alright with it and loved having someone around to tease and play with, so that is how it started, that is how we became a family...and here we are still today. Don't get me wrong, it hasn't always been easy. It is hard to learn to live with someone and yet that is the only way to really know someone, but we are still going strong.

So we celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary down in St George. We saw the musical, Les Misérables, wined and dined, and took a dip in the pool to cool off. It was a lot a fun. I would like to do more, but vacation time restraints at my job and our strict budget from our recent remodel, other home projects, and the hobby of marine aquatics, will not allow. Ahh but to enjoy some fun for a bit is only encouraging to me for what we can really do when time permits us in the future.

On the way there we stopped at Cove Fort, a historical viewpoint that is quite interesting and really makes you think about how life has changed. I would love to go back in time and live like a pioneer. Even though their life demanded so much hard work, I think they were very disciplined yet simple people that were much more genuine than a lot of folks that live today.

On the way home there is nothing better than to stop and get a bit of squeaky cheese. Pretty cool that such a little town as Beaver would have so many visitors here, but then again maybe it is a local hotspot for the community especially for the ice cream goodies in the mid day heat of the sun.

In 5 years Charlie and I have gone through a lot, good and bad...sure we were married in a quaint courtroom, but that doesn't make our commitment any less than those that marry with a big production. It was nice to get away from friends, work, and kids and just talk like we did when we met, just get to know each other on a different level again other than the mundanes of life and it's responsibilities. I don't think he always understands this and why I am always wanting to go out on more's like recreating ourselves and I hear it is one good part to keeping a relationship anew.

I can only wonder what the next 5 years will bring.