Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kids' interpretation of their parents language...oh and Fridays with no work!

So I have been telling myself this summer to post all the funny things Savannah has said so that I will never forget. Like the time we went to the lake with some friends and took their canoe. She would ask, "Can we ride the coccoon?" And then there was the time she promised she wouldn't wake daddy and would "tic-tac-toe" past the bedroom to get her toys. Oh and the time we mentioned we were thinking of going to the movies to see the Incredible Hulk? Well she thought we were going to see "Captain Hook."

I just love it. I still remember all the things Jake used to say too, like how he wanted to watch "Nugrats" and that he needed to do his "extrasize." And that he needed to do something "becunz" instead of because. Oh, and at the dinner table when he'd eaten his fill? It was always said, "I'm fold mommy."

Speaking of Jake and Savannah, school has started up again. Jake is now a junior in high school and Savannah will be in her second year of preschool with Miss Karen. She and I went to her assessment last Friday where she took many tests to get an idea of whether or not she retained most of what she learned last year. I think she did pretty darn well!

Oh did I forget to mention I have Fridays off now? Ch-yeah! Thanks to governor Huntsman the whole state government is taking the day off. Still adjusting I might add, but LOVE it. I have to admit it is hard to come back Monday, even harder than before. I really want to stay home all the more.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Boys will be boys...

So you'd think a 17 year old would have broke his hand a long time ago with all the playing boys do however Jake can officially say he has broken a bone now. I on the other hand can't. But I don't skateboard either. This is when the appreciation really comes for a good health insurance plan! Glad it was only his wrist bone and not his whole arm.

Silly kids, maybe tricks are for rabbits after all.