Friday, October 03, 2008

My sister & me

So I skipped writing about this...I think I had read my sisters blog and thought for some reason I also wrote about it but then didn't. I dunno.

Anyway I went to visit my sister on Labor day weekend. Needed to get away and I don't get much time with any of my extended family anymore so I was craving to see her you could say.

When we arrived, she showed me some cool scrapbooking tips and later that night we saw Mama Mia, I loved it! She and I also made some good comfort food like we always do. Savannah and I spent the first night there and met up with Charlie the next day. Savannah was scared the first night and wanted to go home but the second night she was fine and cried when we left.

I am looking forward to her coming this weekend for my birthday. I enjoy spending time with my family, probably more than any of my other family does.

Something new to talk about...

Can you believe I skipped the full month September? Yeah, yeah, my husband's been getting on my case too to get something in blog too.

I have recently been offered a different job at work, I call it a promotion even though it is the same title and pay. I think of it this way because it is a much more personalized job. I will be working as an employment counselor for folks on the GA program, or general assistance. I simply meet with them once per month and ensure they are "participating" in the goals that we set together toward self sufficiency. The thing about this job is that it has an emphasis on working with people to help them get their social security approved. So I am an employment counselor/SSI Navigator. My caseload is basically people with disabilities that can't work and are looking to either get SSDI or SSI to help them out. The program we offer for cash assistance only lasts 2 years so they do have a limit and they know it and are more apt to stay on the ball with what they need to do to get the help they need before time runs out.

I feel pretty impressed with myself that I was chosen for this job, I mean I knew it opened but I didn't apply. I was actually approached by a supervisor and was told I was the best fit out of 45 others to choose from. They even had 70 people actually apply for it, but the chose me. Now that is flattering.

At first I was nervous of course, but after one week so far, I think I will really like what I'm doing. What's more is they are leaving me with some food stamp and medicaid cases so that I won't lose all my knowledge I've learned thus far. I like having ariety and feel like my job is "special," it's been a long time it seems since my job felt as rewarding. I find I am looking forward to what the future holds again.