Friday, April 30, 2010

Savannah singing The Ugly Bug Ball Kindergarten 2010

Savannah performed this song at the Kindergarten Bug Program last night. She has been so excited about it for weeks. I am glad I got a movie of it so I could share it with everyone and am surprised at how well it turned out given that my camera isn't made for movies. She was happy that grandma and grandpa and uncle John and aunt Kathy could come to it too. She did a great job remembering all the words. This was one of a few other songs. What a cute spring program they did!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

My weekend...continued.

After having a lovely day yesterday out with the family, today has been equally good. Savannah and I went to church, did a little shopping, a LOT of much needed yardwork, made a Sunday dinner, and got our hair cut. We also played a couple games of bowling with Savannah's new play set she bought with her tooth fairy money. She has really been on this bowling kick ever since we went bowling a couple weeks ago. She even begs daddy if she can bowl with him online everytime he is on.

I think though that having a super busy day feels productive and I feel good when I am productive - but I find that I don't desire to be productive unless it is for a reason. For example, and maybe this is in preparation for the unknown and my STRONG desire to move, I have had this goal since returning from vacation to get rid of all unused junk in our house. (In regards to moving....well where we've been has been good for what we could afford 7 years ago, but things have changed. However I am also realistic in not knowing what kind of income we will have in 6 months. So I keep both options open, but given my choice I am preparing toward moving.) So having the hope of moving and the time to keep busy while Charlie and I are apart keep me motivated and that is something I haven't been in a long time. And if we don't move, at least the house is dejunkified!

I have started in the basement - therein lies most of our junk. Lots of furniture is gone. Luckily Michael came and picked it up so I didn't have to figure out how to get rid of it and I am glad he could use it. I am slowly getting rid of junk that is just sitting collecting dust and cobwebs. It was hard getting rid of Savannah's infant car seat but none of the good will donation centers will take it as it is outdated for safety standards. I hate throwing things away, yet I love it when they are gone.

On feeling good about being productive...well often I find I am so used to doing the things that need to do or that should be done I often put off what I want to do. But when I do the things I need to I seem to feel more of a sense of accomplishment and feel I must do these first to earn the right to move on to the things I want to get done. This is probably why I don't do what I want like I should. I don't prioritize my time for me and then wonder why I feel so burned out?

It is a viscous circle I have created for myself and I often daydream of how if I didn't have to work then I would be rid of it, but in the back of my mind I really know this is not all true. I find that I get to the point in my weekend after all else is done that I then want to start on what I want to do however I am usually stopped with having to work and being gone 12 hours out of the next four days and then all the chores come around again 360...ugh. This is what I have to accept working full time. I will need to make priorities for what I want done - half and half? This weekend was a good example, we did some of what we wanted and some of what was needed. Not all weekends need to be about only doing the household chores. Why do I have this so engrained in my head? Was it from the weekend chores we did every Saturday as kids? Nevertheless I have made a commitment that next weekend, with no plans in place, I am going to finally finish that quilt I started for Savannah!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


No, these are not my flowers, you know the ones I recently took a picture of and posted here. They are from the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point. Savannah and I went with my mom, two sisters, three nieces, and a nephew for our girls day out to celebrate Tina's birthday that is in a couple of weeks.

We ate at the Harvest Restaraunt and got a kick at the kids and their dramatizations while waiting for the food. My mom had blackberry lemonade which I didn't try but it looked just as delicious as my raspberry lemonade - I will have to get that next time. The gardens were beautiful and really confirmed to me how much I really do enjoy spring! I think we only saw a quarter of the landscaping due to time issues so I had no idea how much was there! The kids were tuckered out after rolling down the hills of green grass but they had a lot of fun doing it. Happy early birthday Tina! I hope you enjoyed the day.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Big News!

Savannah has finally lost her first baby tooth!
Getting her regular cleaning at the dentist today Savannah told the hygienist to be careful cause her tooth was loose, well low and behold they flossed it right out. She was so ecstatic and couldn't wait to call Daddy to tell him and also to show the kids and her teacher at school. I think the anticipation for this day has been a long time in that other kids her age have already lost their first.

In other news...spring has sprung, er is trying to. (After all Utah weather seems to only permit 3 actual days of spring and the rest is cold and wet.) There isn't any color erupting yet but there is a form of a bud so that means there is going to be a flower popping out of there any day right? These will be the first tulips I've ever planted in my life or have ever had so yes, I am excited to watch them grow!

And last but not least Savannah and I will be on a plane to go out and visit Charlie in Green Bay in just under two weeks from today. We won't be staying for as long as I'd like to but it is all expenses paid for and we will fit all that we can in for the 3 days we will have. This will be Savannah's first airplane ride too!

Lots of firsts going on around here...first tooth, first tulips, first airplane ride. Oh and my first time visiting Wisconsin - a state that is not located on the western side of the country - wow! So also my first time visiting one of the mid-states or whereve that part of the US is called. See how little I've been around?

Crystal Hot Springs

Last weekend Savannah and I were invited to go camping with my mom and Randy. We went to Honeyville Utah at a place called Crystal Hot isn't the most perfect place but the water is warm, close to home, and near where one of three of my favorite sisters, Monica, lives so we always see her when we go there. The weather was perfect and it was good to get out and be with family, especially since Charlie was gone. We took both of my dogs as no one could sit them for us, but they were fun to have around and they really enjoyed themselves in fact so much that when we got home Sunday night they were pooped like I've not seen in a long time! Mom and Randy have a nice trailer and so does Monica and Jay, so it was comfy for all. I am glad to have family that loves and cares for me enough to make efforts in order to spend time with me whether there is room for me and my dogs or not. Thanks mom & Randy!

Mom with the sun in her eyes, and of course Pugsley eating the food. That is what she does. Eats the food.
Here we are all talking at the same time as we always do in my family. It wouldn't be the same if we didn't.
Mmmm...respect the pouch. Respect it! (Too much TV?)
Playin' on the monkey bars. Poor Savannah. being an only child she has to play almost always by herself and is constantly begging the grown ups to join her. I'm afraid I don't as often as I should.
"Heh heh heh I can't breathe, could someone let me sit on their lap already and give me a snack?" (You'd have to know Pugsley to get this one!)
"So many things to smell and see...I am in doggy heaven here!"
Savannah and Pugsley were all sorts of tuckered out on the way home.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Okay so I take it back...

I am not adjusting to weekends. And it's only Friday night!? Hurumph.

Hey y'all...

So doing well here. I think I am adjusting to this adjustment of living arrangements. It's not too bad, I guess I am so tired when I get home from work I don't really notice too much and the key will be to keep busy on weekends. Of course it isn't a preferred way of living but it is better to be positive about it than to focus on missing each other. Besides he and I were both independent before we got married and are definately do not have a co-dependent relationship. Savannah and I will be making plans to go out to visit probably on the weekend of the 7th.

On other stuff...Savannah has a recital up and coming next month, I am still waiting for my tulips to blossom, and am excited to get a trampoline for the back yard soon. I will have to borrow my big little brother for that one I'm afraid so I better do it before his boo is here. We are headed out to Crystal Hot Springs this weekend to bum around with mom and the gang. Hope it will be nice weather. Savannah has her first loose tooth so any day that will be coming out.

Speaking of work, well I applied for another job - not for the money, there really isn't a need for that (however I might regret saying that after Charlie's temporary assignment ends), and I have an interview scheduled. You'd think I would be excited about it. Last night I laid awake while my brain wouldn't stop thinking about it. I came to the conclusion that No, I'm not excited about it at all. Soooo if I am not excited and if I were to get chosen, that wouldn't be fair to the other applicants who really do want a job that I am not that into. I could totally do the job, it would be fine, but I guess when I applied I was at a point that I needed change. You see the past three months have been...well...let's say not enjoyable. Too much work added to a micro-manager that really needed to learn how to lighten up just never felt like anyone could get ahead or feel accomplished on our team. However only a week ago I was assigned to a new team and a different supervisor who I've wanted to work for in a long time. I don't think I realized how much happier I was until I got the notice for the interview. So do I interview for the job or withdraw? I really think I will withdraw and wait until it is really something I want. On the other hand I know I will excel at this job if I get it and will learn to get excited. I dunno. What do you all think?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


So I totally forgot to write about Easter with all the hubub around here. We had a good one and it was spent with family as the last weekend with Charlie home. We had to get in some good family time so all three of us took the day and went to Boondocks and bowling. We also saw How to Train Your Dragon in 3D. It was super cute and is on the list to buy. Later that night I attended the Good Friday service for which was very renewing for me. I always have things I need to work on - and it was good to sit in the sanctuary at the candlelit service and be reminded of the continued hope I have given by Christ and what He did for us.

Saturday we had our usual egg hunt at the church along with the resurrection cookies the Pastor makes each year with the kids. Savannah made several movie clips demonstrating how to color eggs. She is a little camera ham and likes to pretend she's one of those ladies on Food Network. I love eating and watching those shows when they are on - but make note I don't like cooking. Yes I am a glutton. 

Savannah and her Easter dress 2010

Sunday we went to church and afterward had a nice lunch at Iggy's with mom and Randy and John and Kathy. Savannah hid eggs around grandma's house (you can thank Utah weather for that one) and gave out eggs to everyone. When we later made egg salad sandwhiches the next day for dinner, we found we had colored two raw eggs. It was hilarious! I guess that is what happens when they are boiled a week early and put back in the fridge.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day 5...

Ugh. Couldn't sleep last night and woke up way early this morning. This is not like me. This is the first weekend apart. Although Savannah and I have plans for getting some things done around here it isn't the same. But the sun is out and the sky is blue. What's good about today is that Charlie also woke up early and logged into messenger right after I did, so we chatted on the webcam for a couple hours this morning as if we were home together. It was nice in that it was early enough that Savannah was still in bed so we were able to talk quite a bit.

We talked about our future, what we want in a floorplan and why we've outgrown our current house, things to do to prepare it to put it up for sale, things we want to do when I come out there to visit in WI. It keeps us focused on the future instead of being apart. I have to admit this webcam stuff will really make a difference. I didn't think so at first but I am finding out I was wrong. Charlie was able to show me his view from the balcony of  his apartment and he is on a waterfront so it was cool to see and I can't wait to go! Didn't see any mountains on the horizon but I love the water!

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Day 3...

So last night wasn't bad. Charlie and Savannah and I spent dinner together on the web cam. He had a cool suggestion to just prop him up at the table with us. It felt as if he were there!

I slept decently, but am sure it was mostly due to the Advil PM I took for my sore throat and headache. I have a lot planned for this weekend but it is not going to be the same I know. I will need to fertilize the lawn and plant some grass seed. Our lawn is really needing some help. I don't get it - when we first planted it was doing so well, looked level, etc. Now it has crabgrass and dips and weeds in it. I try to weed kill it but really they're all over. I think I may check into having someone else do it.

I am also thinking of applying for a new job. Not sure if this is the right time or not, but I think I have enough skills that I can do it and why not apply? I dunno. Guess we'll see.

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