Sunday, December 12, 2010

Winter Wonderland

This is the makings for Frosty. He didn't get finished however - the kids came in and ate lunch and didn't make it back out. Hopefully he will be completed soon. I just love snowmen! (notice the amount of snow on the yard - this is from the afternoon yesterday)
This is what we woke up to. A small wind left over from the blizzard is still out there, but the snow has stopped. Church was canceled today too. I don't remember seeing this much snow at one time in a long time. I think Savannah will have a hay day - she has snow pants, boots, gloves, a sled, and a hill to play in. That is if she can stand the breezy air.
Some places look worse than others depending on where the wind blew the snow. I love it for now. It is exciting. For now that is. Wait until we have several more months of this...but until then we're walking in a winter wonderland!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Cheer

Last night we attended the children's Christmas party at Charlie's work. Savannah immediately went into craft making until Santa appeared. She waited patiently in line with her list in hand and when it was her turn he asked her if she was the toothless reindeer. She rolled her eyes - apparently the missing front teeth jokes are getting old. Then he asked her if she had been good and about the clothes she leaves on her bedroom floor, she was embarrassed but later told me, "Santa really is real! He knew about my leaving clothes on my floor!"

I debated about telling her the truth this year but I think she'll figure it out soon enough. The important thing I do teach is to not idolize Santa Claus - she still doesn't understand why I tell her he isn't important - but I see her grow and grow over time with more and more lessons at church about our who our Savior is.
Here she is with her reindeer antlers (the toothless reindeer) and her list that contained a lot of Barbie Doll requests. Luckily Santa didn't make too many promises there - he must know me well.
Afterward we stopped at Jitter Bean for some hot coffee and cocoa. When we arrived home I couldn't help but take a picture of the front of our house. At first I wished our lights would have been on, but then I wouldn't have gotten the cool effect of the snow falling like I did. The camera somehow made the flakes blue in this picture. The one below I used a different setting. I like them equally so I wanted to post them both.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Baby Ryan

Here is my grandson! Isn't he just so cute? I only wish I could hold him and smell him and kiss him. Parents are doing fine. What a great Christmas gift from God. Babies are so precious.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

I'm a Grandma

Wow this day came a lot sooner than I was prepared for! Of course being 1500 miles away from the baby makes it even more unrealistic.

Michael and Brooke had the baby tonight at 7:30, he weighed in at 8 lbs and 3 oz and is 21 inches long. They sent me a picture via cell phone but I had Savannah put my phone away and now I can't find it. So pictures to come later. They are still working on a name. He is so cute and I wish I could hold him.

38 is a young age to be a Grandma and I am feeling pretty old right about now.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

So I started a Scentsy Business...

Now that we've moved 1500 miles away from our previous life and my family (sigh) a lot of changes have taken place. Especially for me. With extra time on my hands not working so much I found I had many days of depression and insecurities. There were many good days too. But I just didn't know how to keep my thoughts focused away from feeling like I wasn't contributing to the household.

You see I haven't been a stay at home mom full time or even part time for that matter in I don't know how long. So after getting Savannah off to school the house would be very empty and quiet. Sure I had the pets,  the housework, Jake usually in bed from working 2nd shift, and then off to my part time job but it wasn't what I was used to. My husband assured me all I was doing was very valuable, but for me I am just so used to providing away from the home it felt awkward.

I'd rather sit at the computer all day working, after all that is what I was used to (especially my brain) - so as I was online looking at grocery ads, school lunch menus, and ways to keep sliced apples from going brown in your kids' lunch pail - it hit me one day. I was shopping online for Scentsy products and thought, "Why not sell them myself? How else will I get to know people around here and make friends to help with feeling the void of no family nearby?"

I had also thought about it back when I lived in Utah but I had no time to spare so it was a passing thought. My job was stressful and I really didn't have the attitude for it and knew that a half a weekend devoted to anything wouldn't work successfully.

Well now I am excited to sell it, but the only thing is all my acquaintances are in Utah and not here. So selling long distance is not as productive, but I am very appreciative of all the support they have given me thus far. I know that eventually I will have a customer base and will get to know more people and be able to succeed, but I really wanted to do this to keep myself occupied with something productive that I also love - so I need to remember why I started this. I do love candles and making my house smell good, so I can't deny this wasn't the product.

Best thing of all, I don't feel near as depressed as I did a few weeks ago before I became a consultant. This has been the biggest benefit so far!

If you are interested in browsing the products, the link to my site is always at the top of my blog here. You can also request to have a party in your home, I will send out the tester samples, catalogs, etc and all you have to do is invite people and introduce them to the product and you will earn half off items and credits towards your own merchandise! Plus who doesn't like a party?

These wickless candles are safe in that they don't cause any possible harm with fire nor do they get hot enough to burn someone. The designs are unique and fit almost any personality. Plus they are always coming up with new and fresh ideas. I am having a hard time not buying for myself that is how much I love them. People ask me what my likes and dislikes are and I find it hard to have "favorites" of anything, but candles are the exception. Any way shape or form as long as they smell I just have a fettish.

So I started a Scentsy business...and I am learning that my job doesn't define me. It is a good feeling.

Friday, December 03, 2010

Another one!

As we were cuddling on the couch last night, Savannah jumps up and yells, "I just lost my tooth! I just pulled it out and it didn't even hurt!"

Yep. Tooth number 5. I am praying the new ones all come in straight.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

All I want for Christmas!

Tooth number 4 didn't come out without a fight. It has been hanging on for quite a while now. We tried pulling it several times as it looked like it was hanging by a thread, but it didn't budge. Until the night before last.
Wow I didn't realize how dirty her face was when I took this photo. I guess that is what happens when your tooth is gone and just having ate dinner?

In other news we put up our tree this past weekend. For me it isn't a "Christmas rush" but it does only come once a year and we like to have a real tree. It has always been our tradition to get it the weekened after Thanksgiving. We found a perfect one at the lot close to our church. It smells great too!
This year we have a train , however as you can see it is not in tact. I know a little girl who has enjoyed playing with it.

So there hasn't been any snow yet. Just some rain and one day of really cold! I am sure this will be changing for us soon however.