Saturday, January 08, 2011

Another new year...

Christmas was peaceful, full of love and joy. Savannah, Charlie and I all were sick a week prior so I am happy on Christmas day we were feeling well. We had a good time playing our new games and just being together in our new home. I don't think we left the house all weekend which is fine by me. The weather here is bone chilling cold but the snow stays white and pretty so it always looks fresh and new. I didn't feel too lonely for my family until New Years day and then I was a little depressed. I did much better than I thought. I am sure next year will be completely different. I did notice however how much I enjoyed getting everyone's Christmas cards - this means a lot to me more than it ever had before since I am so far away from everyone I love. Thank you to all that sent gifts and cards, they mean so much to me.

New Years eve Charlie and I made home made guacamole and pretty much ate it all ourselves. We stayed up playing "Start the Party" on our PS3 and had a blast. Even Savannah stayed up until midnight - she looked so tired so I told her she could go to bed and she replied with, "But we haven't said Happy New Year yet!" - I had to have some encouragement myself to stay up. I am getting old!
It's official. As of Wednesday night the two front teeth are now both missing. By next Christmas she will have two new front teeth and will not need to sing that annoying song! This is Savannah's 6th tooth lost.
I have noticed that not only does Savannah enjoy dressing up her new dolls she got for Christmas, but she also enjoys dressing up her best friend. Poor Bear! I came home and this is how he greeted me. Of course he doesn't mind. Who said dogs are only man's best friends? What about little girls?

While we don't usually make new years resolutions there are a few goals in mind such as visiting South Dakota and Charlie's elderly grandmother, my finding a more permanent job situation - without children at home I have found I really do enjoy working much more than I thought. We will be able to visit my family in May and Jacob should have his High School degree finished, and of course continuing to get settled in our new home and every day life - there are still a lot of unknowns and so it is hard to make more plans than what we have.

Hope this year finds you all with peace, joy, and happiness.