Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pumpkin Place 2011

We are a couple weeks behind in our annual visit to the pumpkin patch, but we made it and had a great time. Here are some of the pictures to prove it!

Savannah and Ryan at the petting zoo. He wasn't sure what to think of everything around him. I think he was more curious about that pokey stuff he was sitting on and all the people standing around looking at him than he was about the bunny rabbits.

Pretty Llama face. I just had to post this picture cause have you ever seen such a photogenic Llama?

Savannah met a real live Ballerina Bunny (the name of her favorite stuffy she sleeps with since she was 3 years old - and she is also white with long ears)

Two little Pooh Bears as cute as can be.

Ma and Pa

Savannah and Ryan and a tyke sized pumpkin.

Ryan was trying to eat this pumpkin...then it started falling to slide off his lap and as you can see he was trying to hold onto it for dear life. He did not want to let that pumpkin go!

I have so many more pictures it would take me all day to post them but after the petting zoo Savannah played some pumpkin bowling and then led us through the corn maze. She played in a corn box (a sand box with corn kernals in place of sand) and then she and Ryan went for a wagon ride around the rest of the yard. It turned out to be a beautiful day - on the cool side, but beautiful. Now on to carve the Jack O'Lanterns. Yep. The messy part.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Birthday Week

Had a better than expected #39 - my family splurged on me all week long. Michael and Brooke made dinner, Charlie took me out for my favorite food (Mexican of course) and wrote me a lovely poem with a silly card. Jake took me to Red Lobster and my mom, brother and sister called me. We continued with a weekend at Egg Harbor Fun Park in Door County, played a round of miniature golf - it was a bit windy but still a nice day. Guess it made the whole getting old part not so bad. Thanks everyone!!

Spooky spider web cake! 

Jacob and Savannah golfing. 
Woo hoo! Hole in one! 
We stopped to get some curds on the way home...they are sooo good! I just had to take a picture of this - Green Bay Packers Cheese all the way.

Me and my silly head husband. (He always seems to be talking when we shoot the camera!) 
Savannah and a Mouse who also loves his fair share of cheese.