Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Forecast is snow!

So they say it is going to snow tomorrow. Tomorrow is December 1st so this seems appropriate. What also seems appropriate is our plans to get our tree and decorations up this weekend. We usually do this the weekend of Thanksgiving but since we had our lovely company I didn't want to intrude on my visit time with the chores of getting the tree in and up etc.

Am looking forward to the season - is it too soon to wish you all a Merry Christmas?

Monday, November 28, 2011

Just Wonderful!

Despite the quick and stressful move Michael and Brooke made back to Utah we have had a lovely time these past two weeks. I will miss seeing Ryan grow but they have their own plans for life at this point.

Savannah's Improv Theatre was a lot of fun! Charlie and I got quite a few laughs - I think I will sign her up for next year's classes.
Savannah being an elephant during a game they played where they have to become what the other person says within the count of ten.

Mom and Grandy arrived on Friday before Thanksgiving - it was great to sit down and catch up on life. We enjoyed each other's company visiting and talking about nothing. Savannah lost a tooth shortly after they were settled in so it was funny to see her excitement and Grandma and Grandy get a kick out of the tooth fairy mysteriously coming not once but twice.

Sunday we took a ride up to Door County and ate at the Shipwrecked pub and grill and on the way home I stopped and got a couple candlesticks for my dining table that I've been wanting for Thanksgiving. Jake came over Wednesday night after work and Mom and Randy took us to Perkins. This past Saturday we tried Old Chicago - the food and atmosphere was all so awesome. This in addition to the food my hubby cooked for us in between the times we went out and of course ate left overs - well we were not underfed by any means. And not only did we eat a lot we watched a lot of movies, sat in the hot tub, and us girls went to the Nutcracker ballet. We had a lot of fun. It will be a Thanksgiving I will never forget!!

They left this morning and I am left with the memories. Here are just a few pics:

Mom and Savannah making pumpkin pies!

Apple, Cherry, and Pecan - yum!

Charlie's deviled eggs - triple yum! These didn't make it past half time during the Packer game either.

Waiting to eat while I take pictures.

The table setting - Savannah made these name cards. 

Grandy is telling another one of his stories as you can see by his expression.

Mug shots during dinner - these are always good for blackmailing...

I think I will miss sitting at the table in the mornings in our jammies and drinking coffee over the newspaper the most though. I hope I can visit them again soon. Thanks mom and Randy for a great time! We miss you so much already!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Halloween & Brownies

Halloween was a lot of fun, colder than last year however. I made taco soup and had cider and doughnuts to carry on Grandma Johnson's tradition. The kids got a lot of candy and we spent the night visiting without the TV on - it was quite pleasant. I would like to have the TV off more often.

Happy Jack O'Lantern

Neytiri from Avatar - all the people liked her costume and didn't know who it was, I think it was the most original.

Little dinosaur's first Halloween.

Savannah is in girl scouts again. This is her 1st year as a Brownie! She went with her troop to a compass course in the woods and they are now collecting items for Goodwill donations. She is also having a program next week for her final Theatre class.

We are looking forward to having Grandma and Grandy for Thanksgiving this year. It will be cold and icky but at least we will all be together. I even bought some tickets to see the Nutcracker for a girls day out - it will be nice and I will miss them when they leave but I will try not to think about that already.