Friday, February 03, 2012

8 years

Savannah had her 8 year birthday this past Sunday - time is flying way too fast - where did my little baby doll go?

We had a girl's day out - she got highlights in her hair, a manicure, and we went shopping for a new dress and some new outfits. She was so excited at the salon she was giggling - the ladies at the salon thought it was pretty cute too. It was fun to just hang out together.

We also went to Chinese for lunch, and this was extra special to me cause I have many memories of going to a little Chinese restaraunt in Orem with my mom. It was kind of our hang out spot only she and I would go to.

We also took her and a friend to McDonald's and went out bowling. Of course we ended the day with the perfect mermaid cake and a song of Happy Birthday.

As I took the pictures I usually don't notice how much Savannah has grown but this time as I did I just was taken aback as to how much she looks more and more like a young lady. Maybe it was just seeing her in her new clothes - I am not sure.

Happy birthday to my little girl!