Sunday, March 25, 2012

Building for Kids Sleepover - More Girl Scout stuff

I am sure that those of you who read my blog know that I am partial to posting many pictures on almost all my entries. This will not be one of those times. I have had some technical difficulties this past week and a half with my computer and in the process I somehow eliminated some very important pictures from Savannah's Girl Scout Sleep Over last weekend. ARGH!

I will say this though, The Building for Kids museum in Appleton was a lot of fun! A lot! I wish I were a kid and had this place to myself like these girls did that night. It was too cool. Our troop, along with several other troops in our area were there and a bunch of moms to chaperon. All Girls! There was one guy who was working there that night - I am sure he must have had feel out of place.

They first played at the miniature gas station - everything was kid sized! Then they went up the arts and crafts room where they made recycled paper beads for necklaces and super hero capes out of old t-shirts. Since the theme that night had to do with superheroes, the museum put on Disney's The Incredibles in their theatre room and showed them how to make an edible camp fire out of snack food while they watched the movie.

There was also stations for the kids to pretend and play in an life size airplane, fire truck, and smart car. A heart slide was in the center of the museum and the kids would slide down the ventricles while it was beating. Kinda gross sounding but it was neat and a good way to show them what our hearts look like. There were other stations for teaching kids how to make electricity, recycling, and how Goodwill works to help the community with donated items giving people jobs and resources who are less fortunate.

At 9 pm it was snack time. The museum ordered pizza from Domino's and had lemonade along with it - the girls barely ate and were out playing again. It was good for them to have a snack - you couldn't tell they were running out of energy. On the other hand we mom's were crying out for caffeine and really getting tired at that point. Lights out was at 10:45 only to be woke up at 7 am to clean our areas for the people who would be coming to visit the museum the next day.

Here is a photo one of the other mom's shot of our troop just before we went to bed.
It took a little time for some of the girls to settle down in their sleeping bags enough to go to sleep but I don't think any of the mom's had much sleep at all that night -myself included but I am glad I decided to bring an air mattress. Savannah really had a lot of fun and she and I will do it again next year!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Disney on Ice with the Girl Scouts

The Girl Scout Disney on Ice event was a lot of fun. There were tons of Girl Scouts from all over and it was fun to see how much they loved the show. I think Disney did a really good job - it wasn't just ice skating but there were a lot of props and acting too. Here are some of my favorite pictures:

Savannah with Andalyn and Anna, two of her fellow scouts and friends from school!

The cards were awesome and did a cool trick. One side was black and one was red, they would skate backwards and did all sorts of tricks. You thought at one point they were going to clash into each other. The sound effects of cards shuffling was cool too.

Who doesn't love Tink? I like the effect of her wand in this one.

This alligator was a real person on all fours with skates. Somehow. It was pretty cool.

This was cool - a lot like the beginning of the movie.

This one with Raffiki and Nala turned out good.

They performed the wilder beast scene with many skaters circling around the mountain while holding up props - it looked so real!

High Ho! 

Genie from Aladdin

Even the monkey Abu in elephant form skated and danced.

Of course Savannah's favorite character Ariel. She was so excited jumping up and down next to me that I had a hard time keeping focus with the camera.

Tangled's lanterns filling the sky.

Tiana and Prince Naveen (I'm pretty proud of this close up from the distance I took it at I must say)

There were several fireworks through out and this was the finale after all the princess and princes came out for a last dance.

Savannah got a patch for going and I will definitely go again next year. Tonight we are heading out to Appleton for the Girl Scout "Building for Kids Sleepover" - I have to admit I had to go out and buy an air mattress. I didn't want to sleep on the floor in my old bag of bones!

Tuesday, March 06, 2012


Who wants Girl Scout cookies?
Cookie Time! Here Savannah is getting ready to go out and sell some cookies!
We didn't sell as many cookies this year. I think we waited too long - everyone we asked said they had already purchased theirs. Who can have too many cookies? Honestly. We will be selling more at the booth to make up for what we didn't sell door to door.

This has been a busy month so far and we have just barely started! What with Girl Scout's 100th birthday, selling cookies, Party Gras, Disney on Ice, Girl Scout sleepover, and a birthday party - Savannah surely shouldn't be bored. Until spring break that is. Once the last week of the month hits and she is out of school for 5 days I am sure she will be out of her mind and ready to go back to school.

Which got me to thinking...we are tentatively planning on sending Savannah out to visit Utah when Jake goes out for vacation this summer. When I mentioned it to her, she had one request - that her aunt Kelly make her grampa mush when she is there. Funny kid.

Other things that have been going on - Charlie went to Montreal, Canada for a week for a business trip. He was wined and dined to no end and had a good time being pampered. Too good in fact. I think he gained some weight in that short period of time! He brought back some cool gifts including yummy maple syrup (the real stuff!) and we are happy he is home safe and sound.

I was given a porcelain masquerade that was handcrafted in Italy.
Savannah loving her Fulanita Floripondia doll - a big hit with the Canadian girls.

Jake got a package of leaf-shaped maple candy - it sure is sweet but it was so good! In fact I didn't even get to take a picture of it. The night Charlie came off the plane it snowed a good 5 inches and was so pretty! It was the most snow we've had all season which is odd for Wisconsin.

We took Savannah to see The Lorax this past weekend. She left there feeling really bad for all the trees - it was a really good movie. I don't recall the book much but I love how Dr. Suess was so creative in sending kids good messages. I think I am getting older and am more sentimental about things that mean much more than just entertainment.

We are planning to visit home during Thanksgiving - it will have been over two years since I've been back. Seems like just yesterday we moved too. My job is going well and I will finally have some vacation - not a lot compared to what I was used to but what I do get is appreciated. We are also planning on visiting Wisconsin Dells for my birthday weekend, I put it off last year and regret it!

Another big deal is that our house in Utah sold! Finally after 4 offers, one took it serious enough to do the footwork. Short sales are not easy and so I am very grateful for the realtor who did all the negotiating with the bank for us.

I'm thinking this year is going to be a successful one! So far so good! J