Sunday, April 22, 2012

Girl Scout's Daddy Daughter Dance

Daddy and Savannah had a good time at the Riverside Ballroom for the Girl Scout Daddy Daughter dance. They had a chicken dinner, pictures taken, and danced the night away. Savannah beat out a few of the other dad's in a game of musical chairs. Being mom I want to be there for everything and I am just now wondering why I didn't have Charlie take our camera? What was I thinking! Anyway - I am so happy they got to spend such a special time together!

Monday, April 09, 2012

To Dad:

Of course I'll always remember the day you left...
The one that forced me to say goodbye before I was ready...
But what's more important is that I'll first always remember the days you were here...

You're happy smile, you're teasing, your silliness, your talented hands, your warm hug, your warm heart, and your love. I miss you so very much dad. I love you.

Easter 2012

Took Savannah to the DePere community Easter egg hunt this year. Here she is getting ready for the big hunt. I don't think we'll go next year - there were so many kids and it ended in just a minute's time. Many of the kids didn't get even one egg and it was hard to see them cry. I didn't realize how commercialized this event was outside of what we are used to. In the years past we have always gone to Calvary (our home church in Utah) for the hunt where the kids made resurrection cookies while we parents hid the eggs...and all the kids got plenty of eggs. I'm guessing I'll have to incorporate this at home from now on to get the effect we are looking for.

GB fire department visited the kids with free pencils and stickers.

Coloring eggs with mom and dad.

Easter morning.
Getting home from Easter Sunday service.

I really enjoy Easter - the eggs, the family, and the bright colors. I really missed my family this year. So much I about cried myself to sleep. Easter was the time for our first barbecue together and a time to look forward to many more. I thought it was odd how I missed them more this time of  year than I did at Christmas. I should have just picked up the phone and called them but I didn't want to sob on the phone and make them feel bad either. So I just wrote a message on Facebook - I'd like to call them when I am happy and in good spirits. (I know. Lame.)