Sunday, June 24, 2012

A trip to "The Farm"

So we went to a quaint Farm up in Door County last weekend.You could tell The Farm was a real farm at one time but was made into an exhibit. It was such a beautiful day to go and we found a nice little trail for a nature walk that was attached to it. Oddly enough out here in Wisconsin you find these hidden all over the place and once you start the trail you are what feels like deep in the woods before you know it. Luckily before my camera completely broke (from when I fell with it while tripping over one of the dog's chewies on the floor) I was able to get some good pictures of Savannah feeding the farm animals...

This little baby goat was so cute!

Savannah feeding the baby goats...they were so funny, they would stand right outside the door of where the goats milk was sold to the kids...just waiting for those baby bottles. Yep. Goats eat. A lot!

More feeding, this one was only a couple weeks old and tiny as ever!

Giving the cow some grain. I got this picture just before he swallowed her hand!

Took this one for dad. They also had an old buggy with the wooden wheels.

Savannah was grossed out milking the goat...she actually didn't get any of it in the bucket. I just love the look on this mama goat's face. She's like..."Please."

There were kittens in the field playing and dogs just wandering around, I liked how free they were. Lots of baby sheep dang cute! Oh and there was also an egg incubator on display where baby chicks were hatching. They take a long time so we didn't have all day to watch, but it was neat to see the little cracks in the eggs they made.

The Farm had picnic tables in front by the parking lot under the most gorgeous bunch of shade trees. We brought a picnic but unfortunately we ate breakfast later than we should have and wasn't hungry. On the way home we stopped at a place called Waterscape Designs pond store. We are planning on putting a pond and waterfall in our back yard where the hill is on our lawn by the brick wall. I just love the hyacinth's and the frogs and the coi. It will be a lot of work but will be a nice addition to the yard once it is done.

We will definitely go back again and make both of these trips. :)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Making room for change

So I am back on the weight loss roller coaster. To tell you the truth I am not sure why I stopped eating right and went back into old habits. I think I just became relaxed and felt good and well moderation became routine again.

I am not doing the plan to lose weight so much as I am wanting to feel better. Approaching 40 I have noticed some differences in how I feel physically so it is past due that I do something about taking care of myself and quit being lazy. We all got new bicycles too and have enjoyed riding at least a couple times a week. Even Savannah is feeling the burn!

Being on Weight Watchers helps me focus on something too, so a lot of times I don't find I get as bored because I am either thinking about what I am going to eat for the day and pre-planning so I don't choose the wrong choices or thinking of new recipes or ideas for healthy meals and snacks. My mind is one that likes to be constantly busy. I just wish I could keep these good habits for life and not get distracted.

My stepdad has just been diagnosed with Myelodysplastic Syndrome (a type of blood cancer) and life is going to change yet again. I am so far away from my family that I can't offer much help so I find that since there is nothing I can do about it but pray and enjoy what little time we have left with him, it is helpful that I have Weight Watchers to keep me focused on something off and on throughout the day.

He is not doing well in that he has staph infections and now pneumonia all on top of the cancer. We moved our vacation date from Thanksgiving up to August in hopes we can visit and give him our love. I just pray things will work out.

Life is always changing.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

A day at the Zoo

We had a great day at the zoo, it was also Girl Scout day so there were booths set up around the exhibits for the girls with different things like learning how to tie a knot, making a bird house, and other games. I enjoyed the zoo a lot this year, it has been 2 years since we've been to a zoo and of course going to a new zoo is always exciting cause you don't know what to expect.

There was so much vegetation and open areas of the zoo, and it couldn't have been a more perfect day with the weather. We found out there is a spot across the street where there was plenty of picnic tables and a pond for trout fishing - we will definitely remember that for next year and bring lunch and our poles!

Here are just a few photos...

"Hurry up mom, take the picture already, the sun is in our eyes!"

Savannah feeding the silly goat, er billy goat. They were so playful and full of personality. They reminded me of dogs mooching off people for food and wagging their tails. The zoo had two fields for them and a stair case that connected the two was above the path overhead so that they could climb up and over to get from one field to the other. It was cute watching them, although you would not catch me standing under the bridge when they did for fear of what may "fall" from above.

Savannah petting the 15 foot Giraffe

Majestic Bald Eagle. This picture was just before the zookeeper came into feed her. She was pretty defiant as soon as the lady came into the cage letting her know who was boss around that fish she wanted. The eagle took the fish in its talons and had the impulse to fly away - but of course she couldn't. It was neat to see that even though she had this daily routine in captivity, she still was instinctively wild and territorial with her space.

Say "Aaah" - Albino Alligator basking in the heat lamps

I got some great shots of  the peacock, but it took a while.

I came home with a total of 300 pictures and well now I am down to 112 that I am keeping. I love taking photos of wildlife!