Saturday, December 29, 2012


We had a lovely little Christmas. It has been so busy with all the events this month so it is nice to start winding down. Here are a few of my favorite pictures:

We were given this poinsettia at the church service by the gentleman who buses the kids to and from church (I am still learning names of those at our church so please excuse me) - what a lovely gift! I love poinsettias and I love in this picture how you can see the gingerbread house in the back ground. I don't think I planned it to turn out this way so this was a nice surprise when I downloaded it to the computer.

Savannah's smiley gingerbread man. She is so proud of her decorating skills. He was the most special cookie of them all and wasn't eaten until the others were gone.

I love the reaction onSavannah's face. This was a robe and pajamas from Daddy and I and I think it turned out to be her favorite gift cause she hasn't taken them off since Christmas morning.

A snowman Savannah made at school in her art class from a sock and dried beans. How did Savannah know I LOVE snowmen?

Another great shot. This one is the Easy Bake Oven. She has already baked the cookies and today we are going to do the cupcakes. Watch out Cupcake Wars, here we come!

I think Jake enjoyed what was in this package. I don't think he'll ever get bored of Monster energy drinks.

Charlie opening "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" - I love his expression and I can still hear his silly laugh.

Another wow factor - Barbie Clothes! Can't go without something Barbie, right?
Of course with me holding the camera there wasn't any shots of myself, but I didn't do it on purpose this time as I have in years past. I am working on this. My dad was a big "no picture" person so after I am gone I don't want my kids to go through what I did trying hard to find photos with me in them.
It was good to hear from Charlie's mom, Sue, my sister Monica, my brother and his wife, John and Kathy, my brother Matt, and Michael who is now living with Matt in Eagle Mtn. Hearing from him about how well he is doing during his divorce is such a blessing. It is a hard thing to go through. I pray he will be able to spend more time with Ryan soon, I know what it is like being away from your child like he has and am so thankful that I got my boys back as soon as I did when they were away. 
My mom wasn't available on Christmas day without cell phone service but I did get to talk to her when she got back home. She spent time with my brother Marty and his family and sounds like she had a party of a time!
I miss them all but talking to them felt like I was there with them even for a moment. Christmas surprises are so fun and I love this time of year. The only thing that was missing was family get togethers. In the future I want to plan to spend some time during Christmas in Utah and spend it there with my family. 
For New Year's we are not doing anything special. Just staying home and making a nice dinner. I think we will have bacon wrapped scallops, after all it has been so long since we had these. I think it has been as long as 2 or more years. Seems like it was when we were living in Utah when we had them last. Oh and by the way, I am not mentioning mine and Charlie's New Years goals until after this dinner I might add.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Busy but fun weekend!

It has been a busy week and didn't help that I started out with the stomach bug that Charlie brought home with him from Boston. It was relentless and I had to miss two and half days of work without pay so I praise God for being blessed with an employer who is kind and generous to their employees giving bonus checks this time of year.
Sickness aside, we were still able to enjoy the end of our week with Christmas activities. I got well in time by Thursday afternoon - another praise I might add...and was able to enjoy Savannah's Christmas concert at school that day, watching the girls dance at the Girl Scout Sock Hop and my work Christmas party on Friday night, on Saturday a trip to the Century Ridge assisted living center with the girl scouts for Bingo and cookies, then another night of Christmas movies and songs with gingerbread house decorating. I think my family will be Christmas movie'd out before long since that is all I want to watch.
The funnest part was watching the kids at our church put on a play called the Fumbly Bumbly Angels. It was a cute story about angels who did not think they had an important job but then were asked to tell everyone the good news about Jesus' birth. The kids are so fun to watch this time of year. Christmas would not be Christmas without them.
I was hoping the rain this weekend would turn to snow - guess I'm dreaming of a white Christmas. I can't believe it is only a week away!
Here is Savannah ringing the bell chimes for the song, "Chime In (It's a Season of Bells)"
Troop 4109 and their goodies to share with the folks during Bingo at the assisted living center. 
Jake and Savannah carefully decorating the gingerbread house 
Go tell it on the Mountain! 
Savannah as the 1st King presenting gifts.