Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Wrapping up 2013

A wonderful Christmas Season. Some of my favorite pictures say it best:
This was my Christmas gift. I have always wanted a Nativity Set - but since I have become Christian I wanted something that spoke to my heart that I could treasure for a lifetime. I still remember the one mom had when I was a kid. Even though it was cardboard cutout I still remember looking at it and pondering on Jesus every Christmas. Now I have my own and one that I can pass on to my kids one day.

The three Wise Kings, they have real myrrh, frankincense, and gold in their treasure boxes.

Savannah counting down!

Bear loves his duck and his new pillow.

Pugsley with her new stuffy in her new bed.

Jake - isn't he becoming more handsome each day?

Bear posing for the camera. It is always hard to keep him still on Christmas morning with all the excitement of the family and all the commotion.

The dogs relaxing in their new beds side by side.

I love Savannah's expression as she opened her Nintendo 3DS.

Just a little excited aren't we?

And for the #1 Cowboys fan - Jake picked a perfect gift. This mug is over-sized for plenty of room for coffee. 

We had lots of snow as you can see. I love white Christmases!

Our home on Christmas morning - it was snowing!

Checking the list twice at Nature's Way breakfast with Santa

For New Year's Savannah and I made home made pizza and cut-out cookies. We rented some movies and stayed up for the new year. Today we will be making prime rib and crab as per tradition. Happy New year!