Saturday, September 13, 2014

New Season, New Changes

It seems the change of the season is coming abruptly what with all the cold weather we've had these past couple days. We've moved the thermostat from cool to heat and have been using our winter blankets on our bed. Life is changing all around us too. In fact when it does, it feels like it happens all at once doesn't it?

Charlie was promoted at work to a new position - one that he was promised to have when we moved here four years ago. He will be managing a large system that tracks inventory and preventative maintenance on all equipment for the company. One day hopes to take it to a regional level for all locations so that they are all maintaining the same system throughout the company. He is also taking over for someone who left in helping with some of the plans for our new church. This in addition to getting back on the Praise and Worship team, he will be busy for a while.

I have been promoted to a Sales Coordinator at my job. Instead of providing support for the Service Department, I will be helping with Sales. I will be doing a lot of quotes, ordering equipment, and maintaining Lease Documents. While I am excited and look forward to it, I have also had a rough time during this the transition. I was diagnosed last month with Fibromyalgia related to Hypermobility Syndrome. For over a year I have not felt well and thought I was just going through something that would pass. As time went on the symptoms never improved and I kept pushing which in turn made things worse. Fatigue and pain were overcoming my life and I think I had one month free of any notable symptoms this year. Now that I have a diagnosis however I know how to treat it and am learning to live with it. This means no staying up late at night and making sure I take life slower than I am used to - watch my body posture and identify when I am over-extending my joints. The key for me now is to identify what causes flare ups and to avoid them.

Savannah is in her last year of Elementary School. This is really hard for me. My last child and my only daughter. I often think to myself it is the end of a stage of motherhood I'll never have back. That I am now going to be a mother of a young lady and two young men. No more babies, no more toddlers, no more children but young adults. Here in Wisconsin they start Middle School in the 6th grade so I have never had to deal with this quite so early. Why don't I embrace this? Why don't I feel ready yet? What is holding me back? Let's just put it this way. I am dealing with it best I can. I have feelings inside myself I need to reconcile with and soon so that I can be the mother they need not the mother I want.

Jake and Sasha are celebrating their first year anniversary this weekend in Madison. They really make a cute couple and I had hoped to have Sasha and her mother over for a BBQ before it got too much colder but life was busy. We'll have to see, maybe a Thanksgiving invitation will work.

Harmony, my granddaughter, is growing from what I can see in the pictures and Michael and Elisia are working things out. I am so happy for this - it is so important for the children and for them. Michael has been doing very well with finding out who he is and how to overcome obstacles. I am so grateful that he has Elisia as a partner in his life.

Our dog Pugsley is approaching her last year with us. She has become almost paralyzed in her hind quarters and is having trouble staying on her feet. While she isn't in pain she does have limited mobility and many accidents and we know what comes next before things get too much worse. We are enjoying what time we have left with her and making sure she knows she is loved.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Saying goodbye to Summer

Mom visited end of August and spent Labor Day weekend with us in Galena. The weather was good all but a few days of rain but it was warm at least.

Waiting for the Trolley Tour

One of the Victorian Mansions - so much history! We found out that if you live in a home there you must have prior approval to change any of the outside construction as the city is protected as a Federally Historically Preserved site. They want to maintain the look and feel of history in the town.

We had a lot of fun just being together and going shopping along Main Street. Here we stopped for a bite to eat at a cool sandwich shop.

The last day she was here we went to a new place called Whitefish Dunes State Park. The beach there at Lake Michigan was so beautiful that day. The water was high from all the rain.

The water was a bit chilly but that didn't stop Savannah of course!

There were Monarch butterflies all around the area, Charlie was even able to catch one for Savannah but it didn't care to stay around long. I love Monarch butterflies.

This was probably the last warm day of the year is my guess. It was absolutely gorgeous! 

We miss mom and are glad she was able to come and visit. What a nice way to end the Summer.