Sunday, September 25, 2016

End of Summer, Beggining of School

I grieve summer when it is gone, I think it is largely in part due to the fact that here in Green Bay it seems to warm up and "feel" like summer and then it is gone. I am so used to the desert I wonder if I'll ever get that out of me?

Since I last posted Skeeter now has a friend. We call her Sweet Pea. They have adjusted well together and sometimes Skeeter is a bully and only lets her (we think her) eat when he (we think he) lets her, but slowly he is getting better. We put him in time out in another cage to help him get used the idea that it is not just his now and so far it has worked. Next time he forgets he'll be back in time out.

My little girl is in 7th grade this year. She has started playing volleyball for the fall sports and is eager to learn but I find that at this age and remember from my own experience that the social aspects from school mates and society start to wear on you and begin to let you down. She had a hard adjusting to her teammates but at the end of the games they had improved a lot.

She is starting to experiment with make up and hair do's and thankfully not so much into clothes (yet) but is really trying to learn how she fits in this world. All this along with her best friend moving 30 minutes away we go through a lot of ups and downs. I feel for her, I wouldn't want to be 12 going on 13 again. It is hard stuff to deal with!
Savannah and Ari smooching Garfield
Peace! Rabbit ears!
Best Friends (I like the photobomb of the pets-funny how they always seem to be around)
They have had some good times, playing Rolbox and Minecraft together, going to Bay Beach park, "used to" playing Barbies, and now they have both learned to love eating sushi together. I hope they can keep in touch, I will never forget my first best friend in school. I don't think you ever get another relationship quite the same.