Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Birthday Gigs

That time of year again with our double duo January birthdays. Savannah turned 13 and Charlie claims he is 18 but I don't buy it. And if you think about it that is gross in comparison to Savannah's age. He could have went for 39, even though he does act 18 at times. (Don't say I said that)

Usually he is grumpier about his birthday but this year he seemed pretty good with it and enjoyed himself. Maybe it helped that Savannah and I didn't mention it all week or make a big deal out of it like we usually like to do. Instead we surprised him with a homemade cake and balloons when he got home from work. We went to Island for sushi (of course) and they are so nice there; they gave him free drinks and $10 off his meal. We can't say enough about this place and being that they have known us by name for quite a while I guess we are considered more than patrons.

Savannah had a sleepover with a couple of her friends. They sat up all night and ate junk food, played truth or dare, and hide and seek with Cowboy. (You ought to see this sometime. I need to video tape it!) Next day she and one of her friends took the city bus to the mall. She was super scared to go and then when she got home she asked if she could ever take it by herself. Funny! Unfortunately she came down with a head cold on her birthday day and being that she also had one on Christmas day she claims she is allergic to "holidays" - how funny this girl is!

Jake and Sasha came over and we made home made sushi per Savannah's request, watched The Great Outdoors, and had cake and ice cream. They gave Charlie and Savannah both some nice gifts and a card and stayed and visited a while. It was an epiphany for me that although they aren't married I can see a change in the relationship - or perhaps a change in my relationship to them as a couple. I don't think I'll see much of Jake without seeing Sasha now that they will be moving in a place of their own soon, and it is exciting to think about. I have been getting to know her better lately and am looking forward to more time together. What I love most is that it felt like a good old fashioned Sunday visit with family. I haven't had that in years!