Saturday, May 20, 2017

Amature Adventures in Yard Saling

So we ( I ) decided to have a yard sale today which then turned into a garage sale -thanks to the weather- and well this was my first. I am by no means a person that likes rummage or yard saling so this is not my natural environment. In fact I've never had a desire to have one until now. It seems a new season in life has landed upon us and we have a lot of unused stuff.

The majority of stuff is Savannah's toys including a lot of pink. And a lot of things that 13 year olds do not admit to ever owning. But for me these things have memories attached to them. I didn't want to see stuff get thrown in a bin at the thrift store and get broke or lost in the bottom for forever. And yet no one is interested in her stuff like I thought they would be.

Oh I had it imagined in my head...a bright sunshiny day, toys and Barbies all on the green grassy lawn...children running up to gather the stuffies that my daughter once mothered. Oh yes, they would bring the one they admired to their mother to ask for it and as they did I would tell them they could have it for free. I would be re-kindled with that same joy all over again as they would smile and hug their prize. It was a Toy Story 3 ending to my fantasy.

But to no avail the weather was cold, windy, and 90% chance of rain. Our yard sale signs became make-shift garage sale signs at the last minute. We did get a few sales, not too bad really, but not of the things I really wanted to find new homes for. Whatever happens at the end of the day it feels good to spring clean and declutter the house. And I can say I had the experience of a yard/garage sale!

No worries though. I plan to post items online for free after time's past. How can anyone resist passing up the chance to get their daughter a full Barbie house with furniture? Not this girl. In fact that is what got us into this mess!