Saturday, February 24, 2007

Stressed spells "desserts" backwards alright!

There are people out there that say they lose weight when they are stressed or depressed. Well not me. I think I've let myself do this though. It's no one's fault but my own. So how do you gain 3 1/2 pounds in 2 1/2 weeks? You eat cookies, and cake, and chocolate, and snacks, and anything that is fried and totally ignore any of your better judgement.

Don't know if it made me feel better or not. But now I'm paying for it. Yes the last time I was at my current weight was in November. I did good to keep it down but with all that's gone on lately I let myself go on a rampage.

Well I'm off to my Saturday chores and then go shopping with my friend. Have a good weekend!

Saturday, February 17, 2007


Well Valentine's Day was nice considering all the crap that's been going on around here. I woke up to a gorgeous bouquet of roses in the kitchen awaiting me on my way out the door to work. I made steak and crab for dinner and it was delicious!

Last night Charlie and I had "date night." We went to Ruby River and saw Bridge to Terabithia. It was great however the movie was not at all what I expected. Very good though. I didn't blink an eye through the whole film.

My mom and sister and her family are all enjoying beautiful sunny Hawaii right now. Oh how I wish the sun here was warm again. Soon I hope. I'm ready for some Spring!

Michael hasn't called and I haven't called him. Oh well. I guess he really doesn't have the need to or desire. It's really not too much different without him since he hung out in his room most of the time anway. I've gained a pound and a half during the last two weeks and some of it is from my trying to fill the void with goodies and extra helpings that I know I don't need. Isn't it funny how there are comforts given to us human beings that only we can enjoy?

Three day weekend for us all. Not sure why Charlie's work is giving it to them and they do every year. Usually President's Day is only given to state/federal government agencies and schools. But I'm not complaining!

Have a good weekend everyone. My plan is to try to get my laundry actually put away after I wash it this time. (As you can tell my biggest pet peeves are putting laundry and dishes away after they are cleaned.)

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Sick of it!

I"m sick of being sick. I thought I was over this junk mid week but now it's back again. My cough isn't so bad, but my sinuses hurt. I wonder if I have sinusitis? All I know is that even my skin aches. Terrible way to spend the weekend, that's for sure.

Charlie's new job seems to be easier than he thought it would and he really likes the new shift working 4 ten hour days. He's already worked overtime which is nice in that Fridays are the days to go in for it instead of Saturdays. Best thing of all is that we have a pretty good plan to get ahead on bills and get out of debt! I'm pretty stoked about that, who wouldn't be? And we will be able to save up for a real vacation this summer. It's about time!