Thursday, April 26, 2007

We went to "I-Der-Ho"

So this last weekend we went to my brother's in Idaho this weekend for a quick visit. Savannah was so funny, the night we were packing she put her backpack on and was waiting for me at the door saying, "Come on Mommy, let's go." I had to tell her that we weren't leaving until the morning. We had fun but the trip was a bit too quick. It seemed like we didn't get to really see Marty as much as we drove. I hope that maybe we could go out there or have him come out here for Independence Day, especially out there if they have better fireworks than Utah does.

We visited Bear World, I didn't want to at first because the weather was so cold and wet, but I'm glad I did. I can't believe how many bears they had and never knew that bears could climb and sit in trees! I want to go back when the weather is good and we can all see it since Charlie didn't go as he was asked by our church to be involved in a Praise & Worship for the homeless at the shelter in Salt Lake. After we came back Savannah was so excited to see her Daddy, yelling, "Daddy! Daddy!" Monday night as I was getting her ready for bed she bluntly stated out of the blue, "I want to go to Marty's." It was so cute! Thanks Marty for having us stay!

Jacob and Savannah in front of the Yellowstone Bear World...

Got a good photo after getting lost off the exit in Idaho on the way to Marty's house though!

On the way home we also visited with my sisters, it was a lot of fun. I hope our family can get together soon. We didn't have a reunion last year, but maybe, just maybe we can get together sometime this year all at the same time and call it one. Mom could get her family photo finally done too.

Friday, April 13, 2007

You say you did what?

Yep, we bought a new car! I love it but isn't it sickening that I'd rather not drive it to keep it new? It's so fun. When the guy at the dealership tried selling us a car, it felt as if we were driving the one we already had. You'd think he'd listen to me tell him, "I want something different! I'm tired of cars." But he insisted we take it for a drive anyway, no go though, not until we heard about this manual 2WD that came with a price that tapped out just under the maximum limit we would spend. Our other cars are up there in mileage and soon Jake will need a car himself. I told Charlie that if we went window shopping we would find something we like, but he didn't believe me. I swear they put pheromones in those new cars that make you instantly sign the paperwork to take them home!

Monday, April 09, 2007


Easter was fun, my friend and I took the kids to an Easter egg hunt at my church and then later that day we colored eggs. What a mess! You should have seen how colorful her kitchen got! Jacob found more than eggs at the hunt as you can see from the picture above. I told him to make sure and bring it out after the kids got done finding eggs otherwise they wouldn't be too interested in them and will want to pay attention to the snake instead.

We went to moms for a nice dinner with the usual ham, potato salad (gotta use those eggs up somehow) and all the fixins to go along with it. I wished the weather would have been nicer since she had a new badminton set for us to play with. Since we weren't in a hurry to leave for church Sunday morning you'd think I'd remember to have taken pictures of the kids in their Easter outfits, but I didn't. And of course only 5 minutes had passed before Savannah got hers so dirty you wouldn't have been able to tell she got it for Easter at all! I will get some and add them later along with the ones of them and their baskets once I've downloaded them. It seems that not only am I behind in blogging but also in getting my pictures onto my computer. Guess life is hectic and the last thing I want to do when I am at home is to get on the computer.

Thursday, April 05, 2007


Happiness is all about control. When you are in control of your life you feel happy. When you are not, there is despair. But there is two sides to this. Even when you are in control of certain things, what you are controlling can also make you unhappy. Like when you have to give hard lessons to kids using "Tough Love" or when you decide to make a change in life with a new job or move away from family. And why is it that when we have ample enough money in our accounts we feel in control? I guess I should quit using the third person and just say I feel in control today. Just for today though. It seems every pay day when the money is in the bank I feel calm. Peaceful. But tomorrow I will worry until next payday. I don't know why I'm built this way, but I am.