Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dog Days of Summer

Yep. They're here was only 103 yesterday. Weird thing though, the nights are still very cool.

Not much going on with us, we just try to keep busy and sane for the most part. Last weekend we visited one of the many Payson lakes, canoeing on the mirror-like water was relaxing and the pine trees were a sight for sore eyes. It seems I don't get out into the wilderness much now that Dad is gone, he used to be the leader of the pack when it came to getting the family out into the fresh air. I also drove by a rodeo the other day. *sigh* I miss him most in the summer. The fresh produce stands along the street only remind me of his garden and when I buy the tomatoes and corn there they will never taste the same. I look at my memories of him and realize too that I am quite lazy...why shouldn't I grow my own corn and tomatoes and pass on his example? Why do I have to wait until someone invites me to camp at a lake or drive up to the mountain for a picnic along side the river? I have compared myself many times next to my father and still do not like how I can be so idle in my daily life when he would spend hours doing these things and more in addition to working in a steel factory getting dirty every day and not getting paid what he was worth. Yet I don't do anything to make permanent changes. It was just who he was, I wish I had more of that in me is all.

I miss ya dad. I really do.

What's been going on at our house?

Well I'll show you!
Savannah at preschool graduation, Bear in his soon to be dog run, and the kids having fun at the Hogle Zoo...

Monday, June 09, 2008


So summer has come, luckily it's not gotten too hot in this desert as of yet. We have had a lot of precipitation and wind it seems. But you wait, as soon as I say this it will be just as soon for the dry heat.

We have finished our remodeling project (except one transitional piece to the hallway closet that I keep reminding my husband about and he seems to not take me seriously) and we have replaced the trees that were destroyed by vandals and dogs who have too much time on their hands and not a lot of brains. In fact we added an extra tree since we have the space, why not?

Now that the dog run is built, we were able to do some much needed landscaping in the back yard. We planted some colorful bushes along the back of our garage and put some wooden mulch down that I just love the smell of. On the side along the back by our bedroom we will plant some rose bushes. I am not sure how I will do at keeping them alive however, but I have to give it a shot. How can I deny having fresh roses avail at any time to my hearts desire?

In regards to the much neglected front landscaping, we are looking for a stone mason to complete our flower bed border. We have the brick, all we need is it put together with concrete. Charlie is not so sure he has the skill for this one (which is amazing cause he has been so overly over sure of himself on all the other projects) so we are looking to hire someone to do the masonry. Wouldn't you know it that we just happened to meet a neighbor who works with a local construction company? So it should be finally happening! Imagine after 5 years of living in this house, we are still doing construction. I am beginning to see the money we put in to complete the needed work is probably pretty comparable had we purchased a home already finished with no work needed. Only difference is this is much more fun though. Charlie and I love to debate and choose what we both like and are usually please with our end result. We also love to go shopping together.

We took Savannah to see the city's firework show over the weekend. She was scared of the loud noises and asked to go to the car. She was so funny how she was so amazed at the beautiful display. She would say things like, "I can't believe this is happening!" and then cover her eyes and say, "Tell me when it is over!"
Another reference she made to a quite large firework was, "That's a big fatty one!" It was so cute!

We had planned to go to the Zoo this past weekend, but Charlie was sick so the trip is postponed. After seeing her reaction to the fireworks I can't wait what this next year will bring. She is getting so much personality I just love it!

Jacob is currently working at an auto dealership as a lot boy. He loves getting to drive all the neat cars that come in and out of there, especially the ones that are sports cars. I almost never see him anymore and as a result am feeling the empty nest syndrome more and more as time goes by and I get older.

My job is going well. I have been taken off of edits which to me seems a little too soon since I have only been here for a couple of months working on actual cases. I must be doing something right I suppose. The job is quite stressful however and I find it hard to go home and wind down sometimes, especially after a day working directly with the public on the phone or at the front desk. I found that my old job with the finance division is so slow that they have no work at all, so this was a good move for me in the long run. I wonder what will happen to them however...

I hope you are all having a nice summer so far...I have yet to catch up! Enjoy!