Sunday, December 27, 2009

Thanksgiving at Matt's

Yesterday Matt & Kelly had invited us over for a nice turkey dinner. It was a huge turkey and they had lots of stuffing! I was pretty excited as we didn't opt to stuff our turkey this year due to the brine. Nothing is better than stuffing!

It was delicious and the rolls were excellent! I made peanut butter fingers (Matt's favorite) and after dinner we watched UP on Matt's new large screen HD TV. We had a good time and its amazing how many things you catch watching a movie the second time around than from when you watched it the first time.

Thanks Matt...and we will continue on with a New Year's dinner at our house next! Nothing like comfort food and family.

Speaking of family, I have been entertaining the thought of putting together (or trying to) a family reunion, but we'll see. Even if one family member shows up that is all that matters. After all you only have one family and we are all only here for a short time on this earth.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Happenings at our house...

We took a trip to the mall on Christmas eve but not for shopping. The boys saw Avatar in 3D and Savannah and I went to Princess and the Frog. While we were waiting for the show, Savannah got brave and now has pierced ears! She did so well! Hard to see, but they are cute little pink flower studs. I miss chewing on her ears already...but in six weeks they will all be mine to nibble on! We also put some money down on a new dining table. The one my sister gave me 10 years ago, bless her heart, is splitting right down the middle of the pedestal. Guess it's time to get a new one and we couldn't pass up the deal on such a lovely piece of furniture tucked in the back of a store that I don't even remember the name of. It's on layaway (I can only thank our financial peace class as there are no  more allowances for credit accounts!) and will be picked up in a month. Stay tuned for pictures.

We ended the night with a wonderful candlelight service with praise and music along with the story of Christ's birth. The sanctuary is so beautiful after everyone at the service has their candles lit. The illuminate color of the soft candle light really brings in the Christmas spirit and warm fellowship.

There were at least two hits with the kids when opening gifts this morning. I just love those picture perfect moments and yes, a new camera was utilized to go with them. One thing the camera didn't catch, cause of course I didn't know how to work the movie option until after, was a remark Savannah had after she tore open one of her first gifts. She said as plain as day in a Charlie Brown or Eeyore voice, "I got a box." It was hysterical.

Christmas Day this year wasn't the same for me as years past. I guess I am at a turning point, that point I never did understand....the one where my mom used to tell me she could do without all the hustle and bustle with the way the world is during Christmas. I, as a child did not understand, but this year I did. I am embarrassed to say I just wasn't up for it? I hope and pray next year will be different as I am reminded of this spiritual funk I have been in lately as you will soon see in my other blog...its a work in process however as I am still writing, pondering, and provoking self discovery.

After much playing with Boo's and her new toys, napping, snacking, and watching Snow White, I am found at the end of the day feeling a bit lonely for Christmases past, missing my Grandma and dad. I seem to miss my Grandma most this time of year. Probably because as a kid that is where most of my memories lie. So I decided to keep busy and rememberd that the fish need fed. I then found that our clownfish had laid eggs beneath where they live! If you click on the photo and look just under the smaller fish, you will see some dark spotted looking little worms. They are eggs! I was so excited, but read up about them online and found they will probably not make it without some assistance. We'll just have to see. I also learned that clownfish are naturally born male and change to female when and if needed. Interesting.

I found Pugsley like this sleeping on the couch after taking the picture of the fish. She carries around this stuffed tabby wherever she goes and suckles on it as if she is nursing at her mama's teet. It is sweet, yet sickening. Sometimes she goes out of her way to get the stuffed animal just before bedtime...she searches for where she left it and then you'll find her at the bed with it in her mouth and asking for assistance to get up. It really is a sight!

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Tree, the Snow, the Dance, and the Gingerbread

The Tree...
We went on our annual tree hunt to Pinion Pines a week after Thanksgiving. I guess it has been our tradition since we moved to our home 6 years ago. This year was windy and cold. Our tree is smaller than what we've had in the past, but the others were too big. The people who run the sells are a little grandma and grandpa and said they aren't getting as many each year. We love to get them from them as they are always freshly cut and leave very little needles on our floor.

It's kind of a Charlie Brown Christmas tree, but it has character and was easy to bring in and decorate not to mention the piney smell!

The Snow...
Here's a pic of Savannah loving the snow! She asked Daddy if he would come out with us, but he does not do snow unfortunately. I guess he's to Texan to let himself out in the cold. Me? I'm used this I guess. We ttempted to make a snowman but snow it was not wet enough to pack. I caught her making fist sized snow cones, however I did make sure to warn her to check the snow first before she ate any of it.

The Dance...
Savannah's winter dance recital was super cute! They did a piece to "Rocking Around the Christmas Tree" and I'm not sure what type of dance it was as the class she is in is a combo of jazz, ballet, and tumbling. I can't wait to get the DVD we bought of the production. The kids did such a good job and the music and costumes were great. We had a lot of fun and Grandma and Grandpa Randy came to see Savannah and MattieJo perform. Afterward we had some pizza and a few laughs. I think Savannah is looking forward to the next recital already. I'm looking forward to a better camera as you can see my pictures didn't turn out as clear as I'd hoped. Maybe I was good enough for Santa's "Nice" list?

The Gingerbread...
We made a gingerbread from scratch. After much fighting and ho humming on my end, Charlie finally talked me into it. It was a lot of fun and the gingerbread home made tastes a lot better than that you get in the store!  I think I liked the dough better than the baked stuff! I already knew this, but I admit when it comes to working with a lot of dough and flour I tend to go the easy route. Charlie and I worked on the construction and the kids finished it with the decorations.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Savannah always greets me at night when I come home with a super smile and sparkles in her eyes! I of course do the same for her. We could be inseparable if we were allowed to be. Funny how we both have separation anxiety at bed time and in the mornings when I leave for work. She cries from time to time, and you'd think after all these years it wouldn't affect her.

She is so interested in Christmas this year. We have yet to get our tree and I am really looking forward to her reactions of all the events and activities that are to come with the season. Charlie and I will be lighting the "Joy" candle at advent in church and she and I have already had ideas about what we want to make for the Jesse tree. Her original idea was to make a Santa but I then told her it would be more fun to find a baby and put him in the manger and her little eyes glowed with wonder. I find that she has many questions that are simply hard to explain to a 6 year old. I also find that I want to just tell her there is no Santa and that Christmas really is about baby Jesus. I guess we'll wait for that a bit longer though...if she doesn't already suspect it that is.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Thanksgiving was a lot of fun however I ate way too much and drank a bit too much wine, but we had a blast!

I always love having it at mom's as it reminds me of when I was a child and we all gathered there every year. We followed the brine recipe my sister had linked on her blog, little did she know well as the sweet potato recipe she shared with me a couple years or so ago. Yep, I guess we'll take the credit since we did do the work. After the fun is gone and the food coma has worn off, I admit I realize just how much work Thanksgiving is. I wonder what it was like before there were ovens and turkey timers and all that neat stuff we get to use now. I commend those from days past and am humbled by my laziness and ease to complain.

I am thankful for all that I have, can share, and for those that will allow me to love them. For I do not know where I will be come the next one. By the sounds of it you all too had a happy Thanksgiving. How can you go wrong with food, friends, and family?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Opportunities Upcoming & Thanksgiving

Charlie interviewed for a job in Wisconisin, Enzymatics. This company is buying out his current employer, Nature's Way. They were highly interested in him however if they took him for the job they had listed he would not be able to help out the move from the company he is working now to relocate the machinery to their plant. So he will be working a temporary assignment in Wisconsin starting April that could last about 6 months. We will be given the opportunity to go out and visit him up to 4 times. While this makes me hesitant, it is exciting to stir things up a bit as far as the mundane day to day operations. He will be helping move and set up the production line machinery, a job that I think they've underestimated how long it would take him to complete. The best part about all this is he gets a nice sized bonus for doing it on top of his salary. We are excited to finally check off that debt snowball from our list! One year from now will be intersting to see how much closer we are.

Disneyland was moved to March to avoid running into the plans for this so we've vamped up our savings plan. It is a long ways away but before we know it it will be here. This year as all the years past went by fast. I can't believe Thanksgiving is already next week. So I am thankful that even if he does lose his job after this project ends in a year, that we will be able to make it without his full salary and live off of mine if we need to. What a blessing that we have encountered to prepare for the inevitable. Many folks at my job are fighting tooth and nail to make ends meet and were not given any warning so we are blessed.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


As I am thinking of Thanksgiving and the things I am grateful for, I want to say that at the moment I am especially thankful for my daughter. She brings so much joy and laughter to our house. Even when my family and I are not having the best of times she always lightens the mood and reminds me to focus on the positive instead of the negative.

This morning Savannah was on her cell phone talking with her "boss". I asked her where does she work and she said, "Coccoon Island. I make presents and pack boxes."

Last week she said, "Arctic Circle is too hard to say, why don't they change the name?"

Yesterday we went to a wedding reception. She was so fascinated with the bride she could not take her eyes off her. She got enough nerve to accept the help of my friend, Sharla, to ask the bride if she could keep one of the roses in the vase at the table. Savannah loves roses.

Then it was the cake. She wanted to see it close up, so we did and it was one of those fancy ones you see on Cake Boss, the show that Savannah and I love to watch. It had edible pearls and lace on it. (That girl is going to be a cake decorator one day!)

Then she asked the bride if she could see her glass slippers under her dress. Turns out the bride does what we all do to keep comfy. Her jammies and bath slippers were under there!

She then asked the bride if she could see her unwrap the presents and the bride told her they wouldn't be doing it until after the party. Then Savannah asked her if she could come over the next day to see what all she got.
It was so cute!

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Interestingly enough...

Jake has had the swine flu for the past week, and now Savannah has it.

We had a great time in St. George, but you get what you pay for. Free 2 night stay for seeing a presentation for time shares is just that. A dump. But we had a good time nonetheless. Thriller was a lot of fun. They did a tribute to Michael Jackson that brought tears to my eyes and worked a fun skit called "Dem Bone's" with a black light and skeleton costumes.

I am looking forward to Thanksigiving with mom this year and a nice family as long as no one is sick that is!

Please pray for Michael. I am not sure where he is or what he is doing but he left on his own accord. I hope he will someday realize he has the potential to be someone extraordinary.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Spooktacular Fun!

Had a great time at my brother's for Halloween. Lots of food and fun. He always sets up his yard so neat and so many people come from the neighborhood to see it. The weather was great and I especially liked the foggy bubbles he had. You could see the fog from down the street there were so many. They were a lot of fun to pop! Savannah really is enjoying giving the candy out this year. It is cute!

Savannah decided for Halloween to wear her witch costume instead of her Pumpkin Spice costume (above) either way she had a great time being fellow witches with her cousin, MattieJo. Charlie's costume as you can see was worn by Jacob this year. Bear wasn't so happy about the man with pins in his head walking around and niether was most of the girls. I guess it was pretty spooky once the mask was put on. Even Savannah tried it on a few times and had fun with the kids coming to trick or treat. Charlie has unfortunately had a bout of sickness this week. That along with Michael no longer being with us had changed some of our plans. No worries though, we still had a good time! And yes, that is Bat Woman below...

Friday, October 23, 2009

Making Fall Memories

We went on our annual Pumpkinland venture and also took a trip to the zoo with Grandma and Grandpa Randy. It was gorgeous! I don't think I'll ever go to the zoo in the summertime again. The weather was perfect, the animals were active, and there weren't as many people. I can't believe how many baby animals that were there this year. Something must be in the water up there. :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Things that make me feel all warm and cozy inside.

It's that time of year where I am reminded of all the family festivities that come along with the season. It reminds me of more than what was centered around the holidays though. It reminds me of anything and everything that has ever given me or now gives me warm fuzzy feelings inside. Not only when they occur but even just thinking of them:
  • Watching Wizard of Oz on network television.
  • Playing board games.
  • Holding a fluffy soft kitten against my cheek and nose.
  • Watching hamsters run in their exercise wheel.
  • Watching Bugs Bunny Cartoons.
  • Smell of pasture weeds burning alongside the road.
  • Seeing an old car on the road and thinking of the word "Dubs" - only to find I say it out loud without thinking!
  • Seeing the sun peek through orange and red leafy tree tops
This list could go on and on...I am so grateful for all my senses, for they are worth a lifetime of sentiment!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Is it too early to start making New Year resolutions?

While people complain about already seeing signs of Christmas coming in the stores or on the radio, here I am contemplating my plans for the new year. Is it too early to start making New Year resolutions? I don't see why not. After all the it is up and coming and with my recent birthday it gets me to thinking about how I would like the next year to pan out.

Sure we have plans for California...but what else? More overtime and home improvement?

My goal to go camping this year didn't happen. While I love fall and am excited for the new fall season, I have recently come to realize that summer is over and we didn't do a whole lot other than get our flower beds completed. (Which was a large goal since it has been on my to do list for 6 years now.) Don't get me wrong, I feel we spent our time wisely this summer however we did not take the time to enjoy the other stuff in life.

It bums me out realizing that I really should have buckled down and planned a trip regardless if I felt like it or not! Regardless if the boys weren't able to come with us. Regardless of the crowds, the work, the lack of camping gear and what not. Why I am realizing this now and am making public mental note for next summer? Well let's see...

1. My husband has just been informed by his employer that he has over two weeks of vacation that if he doesn't use by the end of the year he'll lose them.
2. Savannah went up the mountain to go range shooting with my brother and his family yesterday afternoon and apparently doesn't remember how to potty in the out doors. "I wish they had a toilet," she said.
3. Our lab/retriever is still afraid of water.
4. The fishing pole and license have yet to be used.
5. I just realized we haven't gone camping since Savannah was a year old.

You see in my house it is up to me to make the plans on what to do, where to go, how to go, why to go, how much it will cost to go, what to take. Sometimes I like others to make the plans and tell me to arrive - kind of like the way Dad did. I also thought visiting my mom and step father while they were out camping would be sufficient enough but there's nothing like getting out there and doing it yourself.

So make note, camping will be at the top of my list and I hope to reserve the first camping spot next May!

Monday, October 12, 2009

I think I had the best birthday ever...

Why? Ten reasons, that's why.

1. I noticed how large my bamboo plant is getting. It made me smile to remember Dad giving it to me 6 years ago for my birthday and how large and beautiful it has grown to be.
2. My boys made me breakfast and my husband cleaned it up!
3. I can't even begin to count how many people said Happy Birthday...probably more than anyone ever has on any other year.
4. My husband and Savannah woke me up with a lively "Happy Birthday!"
5. Charlie and the kids made me a double fudge, chocolate chip, chocolate frosted cake. With rainbow sprinkles.
6. My mom and sisters took me out for Mexican food and to see "Little Shop of Horrors" at the Hale Theater.
7. The kids and Charlie all sang happy birthday to me as I blew out re-lighting candles over and over....with Savannah's help of course. We smoked the house out with those things!
8. My boys cleaned my car inside and out.
9. I had a wonderful dinner after church, a good afternoon at the park, and snuggled up to a good movie..."Little Shop of Horrors" (I had to watch it to see if I was right about the ending being different in the play verses the movie. I was. But now I know why it ended differently. I think.)
10. My husband and I are getting away in two weeks to sunny St. George to see "Thriller" at the Tuacahn!

I also enjoyed the cute singing card and pumpkin bread from my sister, the beautiful fall sweater my friend gave me, and a lunch with a coworker just the two of us!  I love having my birthday in the fall time...for it is a new season.

Merry Autumn!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Wow it is October already?!?

There is snow on the mountains and trickles of "sparkles" in the morning air as Savannah says. Sparkles. Sounds better than frost, doesn't it?

Life is busy, with working 4 10's, assigned to the late phone shift, and added to that the construction I don't get home until almost 7 pm. However I have noticed some of the construction has lessened now that they have completed the intersection so that has been nice.

Fridays I watch my nieces. Between my time working on the Church books, their schedule, and my housework it is busy! Kinley has preschool from 10- 12 and the older girls go to Kindergarten from 12:45-3:30. I have to set timers on my oven to keep track of when to take and pick them up!

Charlie is busy too, he has to work 50-60 hours per week until November and so we've decided to postpone the rest of our work on the new cement slab and bck deck until spring. We have gotten a lot of projects done this year already and plan to get the kitchen tile in this winter and the good thing is we will have that much more time to save up for the composite decking and that little jacuzzi tub we've been eyeballin'. Who said patience can't be a good thing?

We had a mishap with our sump tank this weekend and had to make a mad dash to Salt Lake City to buy a new tank. Remind me why we trust this 210 gallons of water in a glass tank thing again and add to that 300 pounds of rock in addition to the weight of the water? Good thing it was only the sump tank for the filtration system underneath the real tank that cracked! Whew! Who said this was safe? Maybe I better report this to our homeowner’s – its either that or talk everyone into letting my buy a canvas painting of fish in its place.

Don't even talk to me about getting old and cracked. I know it is my birthday this month; I don't need to be reminded. I have yet to count how many boxes of hair dye I have used this year and how many more wrinkles I see on my face. Squinting doesn’t help that either. If you look at my family’s pictures about half of us are squinting for no reason. Not sure where we got it from, but I know where I got it from.

My kids say I forget things a lot. I’ve noticed it too. I’m not that old so what gives? Was it all the crap I put in my system 12 years ago and it is now just catching up to me? For example, this week I thought I threw away my ATM card or that the kids took it, that it went down the heat vent, under the dresser, or in the hamper. Turns out I left it in the ATM! I am soooo losing it! I am not even going to mention my driving habits lately!

At least birthdays are good for something. They create reasons to get together with those you enjoy spending time with. My mom and sisters are taking me out to see “Little Shop of Horrors” at the Hale. I am getting excited. That and we are going to see Thriller at the Tuacahn at the end of the month! A good friend took me out to lunch at CafĂ© Rio today too. We had a good time catching up. Maybe birthdays aren’t so bad after all?

Work is going okay. We lost one of the best managers ever to retirement. So happy for her though. She is such a sweet lady. That has been why I've enjoyed working for this region in our department; the people down here are so kind you feel like family – but it has all been changing due to infrastructure of management to meet budget needs in addition to less options. Makes me wonder what it will be like when I retire in 21 years.

Savannah is doing well in Kindergarten. She is learning to read and write her name better every day. She told me all about her hearing test and how she raised her hands when she heard the beeps. Today is picture day. I hope my “Smile pretty” didn’t turn into a fake smile that kids often do to please their mothers. She went to her friends birthday party this week and came back dressed as a cat! I thought it was pretty cute! She is practicing for her dance recital coming this December and is getting to be quite the little dancer! She wants to be a dancer when she grows up so I am glad she likes it.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Things on my mind...

So I've been finding a lot of overpayments at work lately. Part of my job is to report findings of overpayments and/or fraud. I am not sure where people think they can get away for not reporting their correct income or household members - the government has ways to find out. If I could warn anyone out there that would listen, I would hope they would learn what integrity is and change thier lifestyle - for their sake and their children's sake. These people are going to have to pay back years of assistance, but will they learn from it is my question? It has inspired me to ponder on integrity, God's viewpoint of it, and what sense of it I have. I think I will have to write about that one soon...

I planted 125 tulip bulbs today!

We're dressing up for Halloween, I can't remember the last time I dressed up let alone if Charlie has ever dressed up. I can't believe how fast this year has gone by! I am a little reserved however as I am not sure where my newfound Christianity fits in with celebrating Halloween - so I am again pondering on my faith, will I change this too? When? How? So much I still am learning and come to realize what is worldly and what is not.

In my old age I am finding I can make a few good points here and there. I had a person from our free two night stay in St. George call and try to sell us an upgrade. First he told my son that I needed to call by this week or I could lose my rooms. Then when I FINALLY got in touch with him he admitted that most people won't call back. He was trying to convince me that our rooms would be mom and pop style (duh like I would expect anything else for free) and that we needed to pay $88 for this upgrade cause we'll get cable TV and a breakfast buffet at a Best Western. I've been to the Best Westerns before and all they have is continental breakfast. He tried telling me we'd spend as much eating at Denny's, I laughed at him. I told him why would it matter to me to get a better room for a couple night stay with a breakfast buffet when we will not be spending our time in the room. "Uh well we don't make any money off of this..." My reply was, "Well then why are you pushing so hard for me to upgrade?" He let it alone and ended the call. I guess he didn't know he was dealing with a previous telemarketer who knows the business and has actually traveled before.

I made clam chowder last night...a bit too early for my desire as it is a fall dish, but my husband often asks for it. Usually when I make dinner it isn't appealing to eat, so I try to convince him to do the cooking so I can enjoy it better. I do have to admit that last night's chowder was delicious! I couldn't stay out of it. (See the recipe on my recipe blog) - we ate at Skipper's the other day and their chowder tasted like Campbell's cream of chicken with a few clams thrown in it. Blah!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Just another day at work, right?

I must be a ________ type of person. You fill in the blank: approachable, tolerable, sympathetic, compassionate, patient, sensitive, kind, understanding, etc. I don't see myself that way, but apparently others do.

When I first began this job I remember being yelled at for being too nice to someone's customer. I guess he felt threatened that I would ruin his reputation? I dunno. Since when did being nice become a downfall?

This is the second time I've been asked in a year to work with people who are needy. Don't get me wrong, there are many needy people in my line of work, after all it is the government and we are issuing benefits to the less unfortunate, but there are also extremes to neediness. Today I've been asked by the manager to take on a special needs case. AKA a person who cannot handle the same red tape that the others has to deal with.

I don't know her whole story yet but am sure to find out all about it tomorrow when I call her for about her application. I can relate with her in that I too have struggled with mental health issues. As many people as I come in contact with in this job, there is one thing most they share in common being that they have been in some serious trauma in their lives. The loss of their job, the loss of their husband, their family, and most of all their pride. And there are those too that just like to get by with as little effort as possible. Being a former customer myself, I can at least try to imagine the struggle they've endured and continue to endure. I owe that much to them.

Luckily it is not a case "load" like it was previously when I took on the counselor position. And luckily it is not work that must be done face to face with the person and it can be done over the phone. While my new customer will be a challenge, I am honored to know that I am respected enough at work to be the individual I am for my management to think of me for the position. Thesaurus so help me to find out what it is!

Time for Shopping?

As I looked in my closet this morning I thought to myself, "Oh Lord, help me." I really need to get new clothes. Sure I've bought a few things here and there, but the last time I really got new clothes as in outfits that could be deemed as a wardrobe was in October of 2007!

That's pretty sad. I guess it is time to go and do the dirty work. I am odd in that being a girl and I don't like to go shopping. Not for myself anyway.

I LOVE shopping for others though! I could spend all day shopping for my daughter for her clothes. I could spend all day shopping for various other things like bedding, towels, etc. for me or for others. Anything but not clothes for myself.

I know. I'm a weird duck.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Fall is on its way!

Two more weeks and it's officially Fall! I have been noticing it in the evening air -and why is it that the smell of the breeze changes when Autumn is around the corner? The sun is further away and is in now what I've heard it called as the "Indian Summer" -not sure why or where that comes from. Even the food at the grocery store changes too. Suddenly there are large amounts (ie. mass quantities as the Coneheads would say) of assorted cakes, cookies, doughnuts, and bread all made from pumpkin! Soon pumpkins will replace the BBQ grills and the patio sets outside as well. Costumes and candy are already flooding the seasonal isle.

I made chili last night too. Will be making chowder soon and some other seasonal dishes that I don't usually do in the summer. While I'll miss summer, I am looking forward to the change in season. I am getting stoked for the next few months up and coming!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Labor Day Weekend 2009

We had a great long weekend...the boys and Charlie did some yard work, we went shopping for groceries (two more in the family again = ouch!) and of course the usual weekly housework & babysitting nieces, but all in all it was nice and relaxing. We watched three GOOD movies, Knowing, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, & Seven Pounds. Very rarely do we find good rentals let alone all 3 in the same weekend. Best part of all I didn't sleep during any of them - so unlike me. My family seemed to make a joke about it in fact. I did too. The movies MUST have been good for me to stay awake. I admit they weren't our usual choice of speeding cars, shoot 'em up, sci-fi type movies so yeah, of course I stayed awake!
Labor day evening we took a ride up Provo Canyon through Heber and Park City. It was absolutely beautiful. Had I known the trees were changing color, I would have thought to take my camera. On our way up there were so many camping and other vehicles coming down through Provo Canyon that we decided we'd take the scenic route home and go through Park City to avoid much obnoxious traffic. I am glad we went through Park City, I just love the atmosphere of that place. I wanted to stop that very moment and get lodging and just vacation there. It is always so beautiful! We stopped for a bite at the last real sit down Pizza Hut I've been able to find in Utah for a long time. It was tucked away in a side street in Park City and we drove right to it! (The one in Heber was packed and was not restaurant style at all - what a big disappointment!)
Okay. I have to explain here. You see the night out at Pizza Hut thing is a tradition of ours that we started back when Charlie and I were dating. We would go as a family off and on and just enjoy ourselves. The boys and Charlie would play video games, I would pick a song from the juke box, and we'd just have fun enjoying each other's company. It's just been one of our things. For some reason they've shut them all down in Utah & Salt Lake County. I finally found a couple dine in restaurants in Wasatch county so we've been meaning to make a trip and go so what better day than Labor Day? Where we live now we can't even get it delivered to us, so it is a real treat more than it was before to go sit down and eat in one.
Some things are just like that. Sure it's a national pizza chain, but it's our thing. That's all there is to it. Hope you all had a fun Labor Day weekend. Fall is just around the corner! This year has gone by fast!

Friday, August 28, 2009

School Days...Rule Days...

Savannah and her first day of Kindergarten! When I asked her how her first day was she didn't seem to have much to say. I think all her excitement was in waiting for school to start. For the last few weeks she has been pretending to go to school asking me to tell her goodbye and then to greet her when she would come right back in the door.
She seemed really quiet as she found a place to sit down. Observant and reserved. Of course just like her mother. It feels odd to have a Kindergartener in school though, usually I just say goodbye and off they go on the bus. It has been a long time. I am anxious to see her grow!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Yep, you read that right.

My profile now says 2 dogs instead of one. Hmmm. How could that be? Charlie's been wanting a pug for a while. He found a darling girl at the animal shelter. She is so lovey and happy. He wants to call her "Pugsley" but I am not sure it fits as she is female. Any ideas on names? I thought of Pixie but that doesn't seem to fit either. She is a daddy's girl that is for sure!

So far she gets along with the other animals. She is loving being home I think, after all a pound is no place for a pet. She is going to be a porker too, I can just tell. She hangs out in the kitchen an awful lot. She has some learning to do. I think she'll make a great pet!

Once we figure her name out and get more pics, she'll be added to the side with the rest of the mangy animals and kids. The more the merrier!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Future Van Gogh artist

Like every other child, Savannah loves creating pictures wherever she can; on the foggy window, in the mirrors of the bathroom, and of course on the walls. Whoever invented sidewalk chalk is a genius. It comes off easily and kids enjoy feeling like they have made their mark on a large area where everyone can see. With the rain we've had this weekend, all is awash. Fresh palette. Good thing Savannah took this picture. I just love kid drawn photos! Did we have sidewalk chalk as kids? I don't even remember.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oh Tartar Sauce!

Savannah is so silly.

She found a kitty tonight in our yard and is taking her all around the house showing her around. Little does daddy know yet.

I just heard her say, "Oh Tartar Sauce!"

That is her new saying.

Anyway, then she just told me that we need to get some milk in a bottle for the kitty.

Wonder what will come when Daddy sees all this?


I am so excited...why?

I have been assigned as our church treasurer in addition to secretarial duties. I love accounting and office work but didn't realize how much I missed working for finance and administration until now. I can't wait to do this job. Literally.

I am getting baptized. I am a bit nervous, but know I am ready and have the desire to show my commitment.

I am about to have a full house again. Yep you heard it. My boys will be back and after much prayer, lectures, and forewarnings we are gearing up and ready for this fall. They have yet to experience the rest of their lives and I hope as parents that we can provide the support they need as well as their ability to identify it for themselves.

I had a really good Monday yesterday. Not sure why, but it rocked! Now that is something I can't say very often!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Tea Party

Savannah and her friends at "Tea"

An assortment of fresh fruit and peanut butter jelly finger sandwiches

Blowing bubbles

Savannah and I were a bit late and missed the croquet tournament, but all in all she had a good time and brought a beautiful teacup home to always remember the occasion by. Oh to be a little girl!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Ahhh the life of a 5 1/2 year old...

Today was the first day of ballet class. Savannah said she had fun and when I asked her to show me what she learned when we got home she said, "But what if I forget?" Now mind you her class is across the street. I asked her to pose and she insisted it be next to the pretty flowers. She sat down on the flowerbed wall and posed just as I have taught her all these years. I then told her, "No, show me what you learned in class," and instantly she did a little move with her arms and bent her legs (not sure what they call them - is this a pirouette? I was too shy to take dance, just ask my mom) and in a split second she twirled her little fancy across the lawn. Reminded me of one of those spinning fireworks everyone gets chased by on the 4th of July.

I tried to get pictures of MattieJo, Savannah's cousin, and her posing together, but they were too busy opening their Starburst candy wrappers they got from their teacher. Needless to say the pictures didn't turn out and the dog chewed the camera so I can only do so much on that thing and hope for the best.

Tomorrow we're meeting her Kindergarten teacher. I am ecstatic other than it is not going to be at the Charter school I had lobbied her for. I pray they'll have an opening sometime. I guess my ideal would be to have all schools run the way Charter schools do, but then again I'm a fuddy-duddy.

I get the feeling sometimes I may be more excited for these milestones than she is, or at least that is what it seems. I even dreamt we went back for more school shopping! A lot of these emotions may however have to do with a) she's a girl b) I'm more mature in my parenthood c) we have a stable family with a mom & a dad. So it probably is me. Just a different season in life I guess and I've really feel God has re-given me this wonderful gift of motherhood to experience in a whole new light. I'm even going to sign up for the PTA! And yet a month ago I was in tears thinking of my baby growing up. This could all change - the first day of school is only 3 weeks away.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Feelin' good on a Friday!

I am excited! I planted some perennial flower seeds just for the heck of it and less than a week later they sprouted up! God is amazingly awesome! I also love the rose of Sharon's that are blooming in my back yard. We drove past a couple large bushes last week on the way home from church. I only hope mine will grow as beautiful.

The flowerbed you see is a sampling of what I want to do more of in my back yard. Granted it is in the baby stage right now and I can't wait until the lilacs and rose of Sharon's' completely bush out! We are planning to rebuild our back deck next year making it large enough to accompany a patio set, BBQ, and spa. While planting our flowerbeds this year I have been playing with the idea of planting hollyhocks and a bunch of other stuff I've seen that I have fell in love with all around the deck. I've really gotten into gardening this year. 'bout time too! I even got my husband thinking I'm a pretty darn good "horticulturist" and doesn't that sound like a cool name or what?
Savannah has enjoyed helping with our church yard sale today. Of course kids love paint. I don't know why? The sale is going to be huge! Our church sanctuary is literally full! Before we painted posters we had collected all her old clothes to donate. She even had a few toys in mind to give. I think it was easier for her to part with the clothes knowing we were heading out to go school shopping afterward. There were a few items in there that of course she doesn't know about, however. Funny how kids get attached to stuff, or is it a girl thing?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Date Night

So our little family went and had us a date night. Here you see pictures of our appetizer at Texas Roadhouse and a night game playing a round of miniature golf. We had a lot of fun - Charlie got a hole in one, Savannah was able to get the ball through the chute, and I got mine through the castle door. Texas Roadhouse just opened in Lehi last week and we've been meaning to take the time to go to Trafalga every time we pass it by on the freeway. And can I just say no one has been able to top Outback's bloomin' onion? No one. I don't care who you are. (Hence why you only see the one below half eaten.)

When Savannah asked where we were going on our way to Trafalga, she wasn't so sure she would like the "grown up" game I tried explaining to her. When were done she exclaimed, "That was fun!" and now she has asked each night if we can go back to play. She actually made better shots than I did! We also had those silly booth photos taken just for the heck of it.