Sunday, December 27, 2009

Thanksgiving at Matt's

Yesterday Matt & Kelly had invited us over for a nice turkey dinner. It was a huge turkey and they had lots of stuffing! I was pretty excited as we didn't opt to stuff our turkey this year due to the brine. Nothing is better than stuffing!

It was delicious and the rolls were excellent! I made peanut butter fingers (Matt's favorite) and after dinner we watched UP on Matt's new large screen HD TV. We had a good time and its amazing how many things you catch watching a movie the second time around than from when you watched it the first time.

Thanks Matt...and we will continue on with a New Year's dinner at our house next! Nothing like comfort food and family.

Speaking of family, I have been entertaining the thought of putting together (or trying to) a family reunion, but we'll see. Even if one family member shows up that is all that matters. After all you only have one family and we are all only here for a short time on this earth.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Happenings at our house...

We took a trip to the mall on Christmas eve but not for shopping. The boys saw Avatar in 3D and Savannah and I went to Princess and the Frog. While we were waiting for the show, Savannah got brave and now has pierced ears! She did so well! Hard to see, but they are cute little pink flower studs. I miss chewing on her ears already...but in six weeks they will all be mine to nibble on! We also put some money down on a new dining table. The one my sister gave me 10 years ago, bless her heart, is splitting right down the middle of the pedestal. Guess it's time to get a new one and we couldn't pass up the deal on such a lovely piece of furniture tucked in the back of a store that I don't even remember the name of. It's on layaway (I can only thank our financial peace class as there are no  more allowances for credit accounts!) and will be picked up in a month. Stay tuned for pictures.

We ended the night with a wonderful candlelight service with praise and music along with the story of Christ's birth. The sanctuary is so beautiful after everyone at the service has their candles lit. The illuminate color of the soft candle light really brings in the Christmas spirit and warm fellowship.

There were at least two hits with the kids when opening gifts this morning. I just love those picture perfect moments and yes, a new camera was utilized to go with them. One thing the camera didn't catch, cause of course I didn't know how to work the movie option until after, was a remark Savannah had after she tore open one of her first gifts. She said as plain as day in a Charlie Brown or Eeyore voice, "I got a box." It was hysterical.

Christmas Day this year wasn't the same for me as years past. I guess I am at a turning point, that point I never did understand....the one where my mom used to tell me she could do without all the hustle and bustle with the way the world is during Christmas. I, as a child did not understand, but this year I did. I am embarrassed to say I just wasn't up for it? I hope and pray next year will be different as I am reminded of this spiritual funk I have been in lately as you will soon see in my other blog...its a work in process however as I am still writing, pondering, and provoking self discovery.

After much playing with Boo's and her new toys, napping, snacking, and watching Snow White, I am found at the end of the day feeling a bit lonely for Christmases past, missing my Grandma and dad. I seem to miss my Grandma most this time of year. Probably because as a kid that is where most of my memories lie. So I decided to keep busy and rememberd that the fish need fed. I then found that our clownfish had laid eggs beneath where they live! If you click on the photo and look just under the smaller fish, you will see some dark spotted looking little worms. They are eggs! I was so excited, but read up about them online and found they will probably not make it without some assistance. We'll just have to see. I also learned that clownfish are naturally born male and change to female when and if needed. Interesting.

I found Pugsley like this sleeping on the couch after taking the picture of the fish. She carries around this stuffed tabby wherever she goes and suckles on it as if she is nursing at her mama's teet. It is sweet, yet sickening. Sometimes she goes out of her way to get the stuffed animal just before bedtime...she searches for where she left it and then you'll find her at the bed with it in her mouth and asking for assistance to get up. It really is a sight!

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Tree, the Snow, the Dance, and the Gingerbread

The Tree...
We went on our annual tree hunt to Pinion Pines a week after Thanksgiving. I guess it has been our tradition since we moved to our home 6 years ago. This year was windy and cold. Our tree is smaller than what we've had in the past, but the others were too big. The people who run the sells are a little grandma and grandpa and said they aren't getting as many each year. We love to get them from them as they are always freshly cut and leave very little needles on our floor.

It's kind of a Charlie Brown Christmas tree, but it has character and was easy to bring in and decorate not to mention the piney smell!

The Snow...
Here's a pic of Savannah loving the snow! She asked Daddy if he would come out with us, but he does not do snow unfortunately. I guess he's to Texan to let himself out in the cold. Me? I'm used this I guess. We ttempted to make a snowman but snow it was not wet enough to pack. I caught her making fist sized snow cones, however I did make sure to warn her to check the snow first before she ate any of it.

The Dance...
Savannah's winter dance recital was super cute! They did a piece to "Rocking Around the Christmas Tree" and I'm not sure what type of dance it was as the class she is in is a combo of jazz, ballet, and tumbling. I can't wait to get the DVD we bought of the production. The kids did such a good job and the music and costumes were great. We had a lot of fun and Grandma and Grandpa Randy came to see Savannah and MattieJo perform. Afterward we had some pizza and a few laughs. I think Savannah is looking forward to the next recital already. I'm looking forward to a better camera as you can see my pictures didn't turn out as clear as I'd hoped. Maybe I was good enough for Santa's "Nice" list?

The Gingerbread...
We made a gingerbread from scratch. After much fighting and ho humming on my end, Charlie finally talked me into it. It was a lot of fun and the gingerbread home made tastes a lot better than that you get in the store!  I think I liked the dough better than the baked stuff! I already knew this, but I admit when it comes to working with a lot of dough and flour I tend to go the easy route. Charlie and I worked on the construction and the kids finished it with the decorations.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Savannah always greets me at night when I come home with a super smile and sparkles in her eyes! I of course do the same for her. We could be inseparable if we were allowed to be. Funny how we both have separation anxiety at bed time and in the mornings when I leave for work. She cries from time to time, and you'd think after all these years it wouldn't affect her.

She is so interested in Christmas this year. We have yet to get our tree and I am really looking forward to her reactions of all the events and activities that are to come with the season. Charlie and I will be lighting the "Joy" candle at advent in church and she and I have already had ideas about what we want to make for the Jesse tree. Her original idea was to make a Santa but I then told her it would be more fun to find a baby and put him in the manger and her little eyes glowed with wonder. I find that she has many questions that are simply hard to explain to a 6 year old. I also find that I want to just tell her there is no Santa and that Christmas really is about baby Jesus. I guess we'll wait for that a bit longer though...if she doesn't already suspect it that is.