Friday, February 19, 2010

Gearing Up...

Only a little more than a week left before we leave to sunny California! We haven't been on a vacation since August of 2007 so as you can tell I am pretty excited. I even changed my background here to try and feel that warmth of the sun and sand - which is probably the one thing I look foward to the most. To get out of this winter for a bit!

What I love about my Grandma

1. Her house, there was always goodies and she always invited us in.
2. Her furnishings. I loved looking at them when I was little, wondering where they came from, why she had them, and wanting to touch them.
3. Her Valentine's cookies. Soooo big and full of pink frosting and most of all love. She individually cut them by hand for each of us and placed each Sweetheart candy picking the sayings on them of how she felt.
4. Her love for God and Jesus.
5. Her committment to her family.
6. Her smile.
7. Her willingness to continue on in life regardless of the pain she was in.

I miss my grandma...7 years today she left this earth and is in a better place. May you rest in peace Grandma, I love you.

Valentine Baby

We went to my niece Jaden's 3rd birthday party last Sunday where she was swarmed with presents and umpteen cousins galore. I don't think we could hear ourselves think at the party. It reminded me of the parties that were like that at my mom's when my boy were little. Times have changed however, now the only kids around (on a regular basis) is Savannah and Matt's girls and soon to be boy. Happy birthday Jaden!
This picture of Jaden was taken at the winter dance recital. I'm guessing candy canes are good?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Be Mine Valentine

It was a great Valentine morning. Savannah, Charlie and I were all cuddled up this morning talking about the gifts that were left for us in the kitchen for Valentine's Day. It is nice to have a day like this to splurge on buying each other unnecessary teddy bears and chocolates. While its not so much what we got (although I've always wanted a chocolate rose!) or that we got something for someone else, its that we have someone to give our love to. Even though every day we tell each other we love each other there are those days that you don't feel it or take the time to really show it.

On marriage:
Yes, I was warned my husband would not be easy to live with, he told me so himself. At the turn of our 7th year I am reminded that we have endured a lot together. It's easy to take each other for granted sometimes. So it is a continued work in progress he and I both agree, but as long as we keep on giving to each other we will be fine. In fact this was advice given to us by my grandma the fall before she passed away, so how can it not be true? As far as being away from each other here in the near future, it will be hard...but I know its for our future and will financially set us free when we abound into the unknowns of what is to come after the job ends for good.

On kids:
As a mom, kids can really acquire a lot of your time spent at home, in fact 99.99% of it and at night when you finally do get to be alone with your husband, well let's just say there isn't much energy to spare. As far as the joy and love and laughter Savannah brings to our lives, it is priceless. I know we will have our alone time in the end, too much of it probably...just kidding!

Today I want to express how much I love my family at home and outside of my home. I am so happy to have them even when they are not happy with me. And even in the hard times, frustration and differences of opinion, we'll still love each other at the end of the day.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Savannah's 6th Birthday

Yeah, I know, I'm two weeks late in posting this, but you know, happens.

Savannah just loves birthdays, especially her birthday. She announced it the week prior, the week of, and the week after at church that it was her birthday and that she is now 6. I'm thinking 6 is an important number to her!
Here she is surprised at the gifts waiting for her after school.

The Food:
What I can't believe is that she opted to not have eat any cake? She usually loves cake. Well she did have a lot of fun making it. I am thinking she is partial to that rich frosting the store uses, you know the stuff that you could glue boards together with? Yeah the good stuff. I never used to like it but have acquired a taste for it myself. Good ole sugar and lard.

Here she is sprinkling on the pearly candies for her Princess cake.

The Fun:
Savannah knew exactly what she wanted to do too...I think I already mentioned this but she chose to take her cousin, MattieJo and her friend Rylie to play at McDonald's, then have cake and presents at Grandma's and Grandpa Randy's, then go miniature golfing. I had to remind her that it is winter and we would have to play inside in the "groovy" black lit oceanic themed course rather than the one with the princess castle. It was cool to see her spot out all the different animals painted on the wall. I don't know why but put a black light in a room and the fun begins!

She even insisted that they get noisemakers and party hats too. And as you can see there in the back Aunt Kathy got to wear one as well!

The Finale:
Grandpa Randy was pretty proud of the cute cowgirl outfit he chose, she loved her guests stuffed animals they gave her, and best of all she had a good time and I'll bet she'll be planning next year's party soon!

Yep by the looks of that face I'm thinking she had a great time!

Happy birthday Boo! We love you!