Sunday, June 27, 2010

Busy busy!

The past few weeks have been super busy. Charlie was in town for two weeks working here so we had a nice visit and it felt good to have him home again - time sure went by fast though. Jake also moved back in with us at the same time so imagine going from half a family to a full one - yes it was nice and felt normal again! It was great to have the house just a bit fuller. Savannah and I fly back out there to visit next month on the 15th so we can hardly wait.

Jake has decided he wants to get back on track with getting his diploma and finding work - maybe even joining the Marines - so I am proud of him for realizing it is time for him to move forward by making this decision. Of course having no where to live maybe swerved his way of thinking, but life can hit a hard reality and when you are down and out I think it really gets you to finding out about where you don't want to be and asking yourself where you do want to be. So he is staying in Wisconsin for now so hopefully being away from the friends he's had and being exposed to different opportunities will help him grow. I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure Charlie likes the company.

We visited my sister, Monica, last weekend. She and her kids and me and mine all went out to see Toy Story 3 on opening night and it was hilarious! We also went swimming at the Brigham pool and I never thought I could say that here in Utah there was a day in June that it wasn't warm enough to swim but it wasn't - we had fun, but just wasn't as into it had the weather been scorching hot that day. I finally got to watch the movie Blindside and we painted nails, BBQ'd, made s'mores and enjoyed ourselves! I always enjoy spending time with my sisters.

Work is busy as ever, I don't know when we'll ever get caught up - there is so much to do. I look back to what my job used to be and am saddened at how much the atmosphere has changed. It really used to be a great place to work but due to budget constraints, the economy, and no other choices they really can't do much for appreciation of employees which in turn hurts the morale. I hope things will be better in the future regardless of if I am still there are not.

There have been a few people that have already looked at our house - but I haven't heard of anyone wanting to make an offer yet but there is still plenty of time - I am in no hurry. (Well I am but I'm not - we found a beautiful home in WI for a great prices, so if it is meant to be things will happen when they should., if not there is a reason)

Savannah and I went shopping yesterday and we decided to grab a few things for school already. I never shop befire it is time to so it was a lot of fun to be adventurous and "pre-buy" things. I can't believe she is going to be in 1st grade! Time goes too fast when you have children. I can't believe Independence day is next weekend either. I will be sad to not be with the other half of my family but I did invite my parents and a few siblings over for a BBQ to fill the void - the 4th of July is not the same without family, BBQ, and fireworks.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

At the Carnival

Savannah and I went to the local carnival today. She went on her first caurosel ride - she didn't want to ride the Mickey Mouse one at Disney's California park and I am thinking that is due to the size of it. So we went on this little carnival one and it was so fun to see the expressions on her face. I haven't been on one in years and remember why. I didn't think it would bother me with it being not a very fast ride or large carousel but age has its way of ruining all the fun. My tummy was a little turned after the ride started and when Savannah saw my discomfort, she assured me the ride would be over soon and I would be okay. All's well that ends well, no harm no foul and it was fun sitting in the sky with the breeze in our hair, waving to the helicopter, and seeing the mountain tops from a different view!

After riding a few more rides, we went to the game booths. They had a "Throw a ping pong ball in a fish bowl game" and the prize, well a gold fish! Savannah played and won a fish who is now her pet and stays in her room. Meet Sparkly:
We ended the day popping popcorn and packing our blankies out to a nice private place on the lawn near the ampitheatre where they were having a concert and fireworks display. Once the fireworks started and as they lit up the sky, Savannah was a little frightened that they may come down on us - and yes it does look that way to children, but after a little reassuring from mom she felt safe in my arms and we enjoyed the show together. In fact she began shouting, "Come on do some more big ones!" 

We both missed Charlie and wished he would have been with there with us and I would have loved to see him can Bozo the clown at water dunking booth, but there will always be more carnivals! We had a fun day!

Friday, June 04, 2010

Best places to nap, best pets, bonfires, and babysitting!

Savannah pulled me to the side one day to show me where she found Buddy napping - and he thinks no one can find him! He slept all day in that spot tucked away behind my sewing project that I keep putting off. Apparently he knows there is no disturbance in there, plus it's a cozy and quiet like a little den.

The same day Savannah found Buddy she also found Muffers taking advantage of her unfinished quilt I've been slowly but surely working on. Apparently it is going to be a very snuggly blanket - they love the fabric so it must be of great quality for these prestegious and snooty cats to continually lay on it. If you remember since the day I brought it home they were found indulging themselves almost immediately after I set it down on the table to cut!

Muffers has actually started to warm up to Savannah lately and Savannah loves it!

Memorial Day weekend we were invited to Matt's with mom and the gang to roast hot dogs and mellows in my dad's old fire pit. That pit has seen many a hot dogs and 4th of July's! I can't tell you how long Dad had it nor do I know where he got it from but am glad it's still in the family! Savannah is there roasting her mellows and as you can see she has the Carrillo squint-eye goin' on just like her mother! You will also see that behind Savannah, Pugsley and Bear loyally await for a lucky fall - they know that wherever kids are, there is also food!

Savannah and I just love watching my new nephew and her new cousin baby Kelby. We have had the chance to babysit him twice which has been good to keep me preoccupied during the weekend for a few hours and not be so lonely without Charlie. While we were watching him tonight I couldn't believe how much he has grown in less than a week's time! I can see more features of his dad in him than before and he is already getting his personality. As you can tell neither one of us are enjoying ourselves? Hmmm. Interesting.