Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bridging to Brownies and Locks of Love

Friday night Savannah's Daisy troop officially bridged to more meeting and they are done. Then after that school ends...I really hope she gets in the summer school I signed her up for, she is really looking forward to it.

Saturday we got our hair cut and she donated hers to Locks of Love - what was funny about it was that she asked the beautician if she could get paid for her gift of hair. This along with the other comment, "I could work here for you and sweep the hair, could I get money then?" I am wondering what this lady is thiniking we have been teaching our daughter, LOL -the things kids say! 
I think she likes the new cut, don't you?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Coloring eggs

Easter Dress and basket

Jake bought himself a new car

Picture perfect


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

So what's goin' on in WI?

Well first we celebrated Jake's 20th birthday - his only request was to have a steak and king crab for dinner. Savannah decorated the cake (as you can see) and well I officially do not have any teenagers now! It was a nice day spent at home what with the weather cold and wet.

Here is Savannah and Daddy on their way to the Daddy Daughter Dance with the Girl Scouts. She was counting down the days...they had dinner, pictures, and dancing. I on the otherhand was at home doing our taxes. I am so glad she got this opportunity, I remember still to this day the pictures of my sisters with my dad on a date with him and really wish I could have had that chance and a picture or memory of something so special. I am really enjoying the Girl Scout program here...Savannah will be a Brownie next year!

Savannah learned this weekend to ride her bike without training wheels! She has been procrastinating (along with myself) and has been so fearful of this event, but she took off and is now a pro. She has yet to fall so we are en route as I type this to get her a new helmet and lock so she can ride to school. Now I can't get her off of it, but that is great news - she will watch less television and get more exercise now that the weather is finally warming up. 

Speaking of weather, we had 10 tornados in our area Sunda night! Yikes! I had never heard a tornado siren for warning before...I guess this year for Wisconsin the weather has been really sporadic and unusual what with all the extra snow and now this...or at least this is what the locals are telling us. I hope they aren't just biding their time or in denial here just like comedian Jeff Dunham joked about.

Charlie has been out on several gigs with his band now. The music is 70's and 80's and it is a lot of fun to see them play and well the extra money is nice too. He will be heading out of town to Utah to work next week...I am still working and am going to be indefnitely so Savannah and I and won't be able to go as I had hoped...but I will plan to do so as soon as I have been given the opportunity! Michael and Brooke will not be able to make it out here either which is too bad cause I was looking forward to warm weather and seeing Ryan grow this summer.