Sunday, May 22, 2011

Spring has sprung!

It has been a long winter but now that the ground has come back to life Charlie and I have really dug in and started some spring projects. Of course he has done most of the work with all the rotor-tilling and digging and building the rock wall but it is up to me to dig in and plant new life in that dirt! Look for pictures to come...we hope to be done soon!

I get excited seeing all the ferns coming in and filling the bare spots. Everything is so green and lush and we don't even have to water anything! Our next project is to create a water fall flowing down into a new pond at the bottom of our hill. The previous owners had the right idea with the pond and small fall at the top, but it just needs finished. Add some coy and we're all set...more on this to come!

Jake has been tinkering with his new hobby racing and vamping his RC truck. He may be moving out this summer, we aren't sure of the details yet, but it will be better for him to be closer to work and his chances to get a permanent job will also increase.

Charlie's band has played at a few gigs and thus far they seem to be doing a great job. They may even go to the state fair to perform...that would be fun as our whole family could go see him play and make a day out of it. He has had kind of a rough time keeping up with the band what with training at work and everything else going on, but I think it is a good release for him.

The pets are also enjoying the weather. Buddy goes out and hunts for small prey and, well, let's say the things we find around the yard are not pretty. But he is happy this way and then always comes home and naps for the day. At least he keeps the mice and other pests away...what a typical outside kitty.

Today we are going to Green Isle park for a picnic, the weather is awesome and the park is so close. Once we are there it will feel like being in the mountains again. Almost. Eh, at least there are tons and tons of trees, growth, and water around - so a lot of life. I am amazed at all the different bugs and birds and animals we see out here that I have never seen before. There was a beaver crossing the road this morning and I am always finding chipmunks and red cardinals in our yard. It is awesome! The one thing I don't like is finding house centipedes - the first time I saw one of these it literally scared the crap out of me and Savannah and we couldn't sleep without opening one eye for a while! (shivers)

Hope you are all enjoying your spring!

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Feeling Old

I came across a song by Incubus today while reading another's blog. Wow have I gotten old. What is this all about?

I decided to look back through my blog over the past 6 years from when I began blogging. Reading it I even sounded younger back then too. Even my picture today looks old compared to the one that I had taken a year ago with my nephew.

This isn't a pity party, just a realization the life really goes by too fast. Reminiscing my memories make me miss so many things - my little boys, my baby girl, the feeling I got with the sunshine and birds chirping has even changed. Most of all I miss my younger self when I was so much more carefree than I am today.

Wow. That is all I gotta say. Been going through this for a while now but am going on the downhill side. Midlife crisis I guess. But not necessarily a crisis (on most days that is). Just mid-life I think.

Just some thoughts here...yes...imagine me thinking out loud? Heh.

I miss my dad.