Saturday, July 14, 2012

Goin' Home

3 more weeks and we'll be in Utah to see our family. The good parts about the visit is that I am excited to see my family I have not seen in two years...I wonder how much has changed? I am also looking forward to seeing the mountains again and to revisit our old eating hang outs with Mexican food that you just can't find out here. Sure I may splurge and gain back a little of the 13 lbs I've lost thus far, but am hoping I will just maintain that week. It will be hard, but it is vacation right?

I am also looking forward to just being away too. No housework, no dog hair, and no work!! It will be so nice to just get away. The drive will be quite a chore, but we'll make it through. Airfare is just too much for us right now - it is actually cheaper to drive even with gas prices and all so we rented a car through Charlie's employer discount program.

I am hoping my stepdad will be up to visiting while we are there and that our visit can lift his and mom's spirits - I can't imagine what he and mom are going through emotionally and wish I could be there with them more than this one week out of the summer. I am praying for the best, it may be the last time we see him.

Even with both the ups and downs we are facing, I am getting excited and counting down the days!