Friday, August 24, 2012

Utah trip

We have been home now for almost two weeks from our Utah trip. I can say that it was nice and long and relaxing even though we did so much running around. It was nice to have a break in the everyday hubbub.
We got in Saturday afternoon, a little earlier than we thought. Drove the whole 21 1/2 hours (mostly Charlie I might add) and were anxious to get settled into our room when we got to Midway. But because we were so early our room wasn't quite ready. Being that we had extra time we stopped in at our favorite Mexican joint, Beto's, for a famous breakfast burrito with the most awesome Verde sauce. It was good and hit the spot but then we were really exhausted by that time. While we waited Savannah went swimming and got some of her needed energy out from the drive. She must not have slept on the road as much as I thought though cause she took a pretty good nap too when we finally got into our room.
Mom and Randy and John and Kathy came up to see us that night and we had a nice dinner together. I felt so badly though, it was hard to see that Randy couldn't enjoy his food much...and he was so weak. Things have really taken a toll on him. Of course you know a person with cancer isn't doing well but until you see them and how they have changed in appearance it doesn't seem to hit as hard.
Next day we went to our old church, which is actually a new church now. Since we moved they moved and also have a new name. It was great to see them and it felt just like old times. We went to Mom's for a BBQ afterward where my family was and it almost felt as if there were a reunion - my aunt Beverly and Robin even came! It was nice that everyone who could got together and we had a nice visit.
We decided to hike timp cave - after all the time we lived there and never did it, so we thought now we have no excuse, we are on vacation, right? So we did. Charlie and I are definitely not in hiker shape but we did it. My sister, Tina, and my nephew, Dominic, smoked us up that steep mountainside but they are much more active than we are so it was expected. The tour was great in that we were the only ones and had the caves to ourselves. We were able to see two bats (which they said was a very rare occasion) and also on the way down we spotted a couple of wood peckers. These wood peckers were much bigger than the ones I have seen at home in Green Bay, so it was amazing and I didn't get my camera out fast enough.
We also went on the Heber Creeper train - another Utah known historical site that we never tried. It was a creeper for sure, but they had snacks and entertainment while we crept along. We were a little disappointed that they didn't have any commentary or history on the train itself, or of the area near by where we were riding. I thought for sure while we rode they would. Most places you visit like this I thought it was safe to assume are sort of a museum style, but I was wrong.
We also visited friends and people from where I used to work and hung out with mom a lot - which she really needed. We also enjoyed eating at many places we haven't been in a long time. I was beginning to think that I missed the food out there, almost more than my family. (just kidding) I think there was really only one day that we didn't do a lot, and I will keep that in mind for next time we go out so we can plan some more down time and less running around in the aggravating traffic.
Here are a few pictures from the trip:
Bridal Veil Falls found nestled in the canyon

Doe that was feeding near our resort at night, she didn't run away when we were taking this picture either and she was very tame

Daddy & Savannah on the trail at Timp cave

Stalagmites and Stalactites in the cave. It is amazing to think about how old these must be!

View of the valley from the cave

Savannah holding up the train

Our view from the deck of our resort. If you look closely you will notice a hen house and boy were there were hens. And roosters. I am not sure why they have them, but they did wake us up every morning right on time at 6:30 - lets put it this way....we didn't get to sleep in as much as we would have liked. The morning after our first night there Savannah told us, "I tried to sleep in but those chickens kept 'balking and balking'. It was so cute!

Our room

Deer that was feeding on the tree from the picture above of our view from the room, he was as comfortable being in someones yard as if it was no big deal. I get the feeling the deer around here were used to people and didn't scare easily.

Savannah and Grandy. She was so adamant about getting him something from the gift shop. It was hard to explain to her that just her being around him is what helped him to feel better. She finally picked out a balloon and a sugar free candy bar.