Sunday, March 17, 2013

Lotsa Firsts!!

First time trying Zumba!

Girl scout Troop 4109 had a blast at the sleep over at the YWCA this year. We started the night off with some Zumba- can I just say how UNCOORDINATED I am??? - However with a little time I would get better and it was a lot of fun! Then swimming, pizza, and crafts making necklaces and scrapbook pages. I have to be honest and admit I didn't want to go and sleep on a gym floor but the air mattress made it so much better and the experience was so worth it!

First time meeting my husbands parents!

My husband's parents flew in from Texas and visited us for 5 days, it was so great getting to know them. We had a blast checking out Jake's new 3-D TV, went to a Gamblers hockey game, touring Lambeau field, and Chuck E. Cheese of course. They are very charming people and we look to many more visits with them. I only wish we would have met up sooner!