Saturday, September 21, 2013

Summer's Gone

Summer's come and gone, although out here I only felt like we got one week of summer weather. It was too cool to even bother with going swimming (for me it has to be hot before I like to go to an outdoor pool).

End of August we went out to Utah for a family reunion and...well...had a blast. It was nice to be together (semi-together) with family. We laughed and talked and had a good old fashioned time. The thing I loved the most was conversation....not via telephone, or email, or Facebook. Now if you know my family you'd know we all talk at the same time so there usually isn't a lot of listening LOL.

Michael had a rough spot and seems to be okay. I talk to him from time to time and will continue to pray - he has so much to overcome but it can be done. Jake has started school for his Auto Tech program at NWTC and has gone to part time status at his work. He is finding how crazy busy a full schedule is and how to manage his time well. Savannah is also now in school. I cannot believe she is in fourth grade! However when she shooed me off the first day of school I knew my baby was not so much my baby any more (at least in front of her friends).

Charlie's job has made some good changes and his duties have become less stressful. My job will be expanding into the new portion of the building which is pretty exciting considering we are using 70's style desks and wall paneling!

Well tomorrow is the first day of Autumn, I am slowly but surely growing into the idea. Goodbye summer...I'll miss you.