Saturday, March 15, 2014

Field Trip

Savannah and Daddy went to the Point Beach Energy Center this week with her 4th grade class field trip.

I made their lunch in the morning, we ate breakfast, then I was off to work. All day long I thought off and on about them wondering what they were doing...what Charlie thought of being trapped in a bus full of kids...what Savannah thought as she was with her Dad...what they were doing. It is pretty special to have your parent come along on a field trip and while I've been on at least one with all my kids, it seems to me it was something they never forgot.

When I got home they told me stories of how Savannah won at the game of Jeopardy, how the kids asked Daddy a lot of questions about electricity and how it worked and how to protect yourself from it, and how they made atoms from marshmallows and pretzels.

As a mom, I am so grateful they were able to experience such a great time that will never be forgotten and always cherished.

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Random thoughts on cooking and kitchen...

So I love cooking on cold wintry Sundays. I recently made The Pioneer Woman's Perfect Pot Roast after watching her make it on the show over a year ago (back when we had cable) and it was so good that I am now as I am typing this making her Pork Roast with Apples and Onions. It smells so good!

If this pork turns out the way I am hoping it to I am taking my relationship with Ree Drummond to the next level. I thought about maybe doing what that gal did on that movie called "Julie & Julia" which I loved by the way. I have always been more of a "country" girl and secretly wished I were Amish or lived in the Pioneer days so I naturally took to her when I saw her the first time on Food Network. I love her recipe posts on her blog too because I am a very visual person and she posts close up pictures of each step she takes in the recipe which is how I would do it if I had time and lived on a ranch.

Thinking of country...last year I remodeled the decorating in my kitchen and since then every so often I am given something to add to my collection...well as you can see things have been coming along.

I am at a loss when it comes to decorating and really have only ever put up whatever I was given or already had. This is probably only the second time I actually had to think about what I wanted and then went out and bought what I could find that matched. It was hard too!

The picture above and below are my two main walls in my kitchen. The door between them are to my mud/laundry room. I think they would look better had I included them in one picture so you could see. I wanted to put different types of country decor there or even some shelves but because our kitchen is so small not enough room was available to avoid people from hitting their head on the decorations when going out to the back patio.

This is a little shelf above the cabinets above my stove...the two root beer bottles are from our anniversary trip last year in Galena. These are the only items on that shelf. I am waiting to collect more items as I can such as plates with roosters or some other trinkets or things that would just "fit" up there.

On the tile directly above my stove, picture is a bit blurry though :(

These miniature rooster canisters and roosters were given to me, I love looking at them when at my window above the sink. Maybe it is because I love their profiles the most.

As you can see from my window above today is another wintry day in Wisconsin. 11 more days until it is officially Spring, right?

Sunday, March 02, 2014


The Circus came to town. It was neat seeing the animals doing tricks. I was bummed that the clowns didn't perform though. What is a Circus without a clown act?

Thinking way back to our first circus...I came across this from 2007 - she was so little!!