Monday, May 26, 2014

Went for a bike ride...

Today we set out toward Fox River trail. The river doesn't look like a river at all, or at least not what I am used to from growing up near mountains where rivers ran cold and fast down rocky surfaces. Out here they look like large bodies of water that you don't think are moving but really they are.

Passing the bridge we saw a bunch of carp in the river pooling as they were sucking air, oh and there were a lot of pelicans. I didn't have my camera for you but when we go back I will definitely take it!

Here are a few pictures Jake shot for me from his phone:

This is a view of the bridge in De Pere

De Pere was having their annual festival today so I think the dock wasn't open to the public. I think next time when we make the trip back down on on our bikes or by feet we will make sure to get to the docks.

Stopped in to wet our whistle in "San Francisco" aka Main Street in De Pere. Savannah asked if we were San Francisco the first time we drove down Main Street and now we refer to it as that every time we pass through.

I heard the other day that riding bikes together is no so much the ride in itself but the stops along the way. This is so true the ride was a fun way to explore our neighborhood and get close to the river. We will definitely be going on another very soon!