Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Texas Girl

Savannah flew to Texas in July for a two week visit to spend some time with Grandma Sue and Grandpa Bob. She wasn't scared at all - but of course I worried the whole time. Here are some pictures she came home with:

Grandma meeting Savannah at arrival at the airport

First night in Texas - she can't stop smiling!

There was a mamma bird's next outside the porch

The babies hatched a few days later

Playing at Chuck E Cheese

Having fun at the aquarium

Savannah and Jaden at the zoo.

I love this shot!

Savannah fishing

Playing ball at the pool with Grandma

Monday, July 21, 2014

Cruising the Fox River

Waiting for the cruise to depart
Downtown GB
Charlie and I had a perfect day. After watching the movie Maleficent in the theater, we finished our anniversary celebration on the Foxy Lady river dinner cruise Saturday. It was very romantic and charming. It felt like we were on our first date all over again! We talked, reminisced, and enjoyed the scenery. The breeze on the Veranda was very nice. It was a little cloudy that day but perfect temperature. The food was good too!

Admiral's Feast
The Foxy Lady has other cruises that we will probably take such as the dinner and a show where after you get off the boat you go to Meyer Theater for a musical show or the narrated tours and lunch tours. They also have shows with appearances by singers who highlight famous artists such as Neil Diamond and Kenny Rogers etc. If our family lived here it would be a lot of fun to hire them as a private charter for a reunion or say a wedding. (hint hint Jake).
A Poochie lovin' the wind

We also found out that they usually go out to the bay of Michigan Lake but the waters were a little rough this time so we didn't get out too far. It was fun to wave to all the people in boats as they passed by.
Out on the Veranda

Happy 11th anniversary to us! Maybe next year we will take a cruise out on the ocean!!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer News

So many new things going on this summer. Well I think it is summer. We have had super cold weather out here - like only in the 60's! That and I'm used to living in a desert.

Savannah finished 4th grade - she told me she was ready to be in 5th grade and that she considered herself a 5th grader. I encouraged her to wait until September to say she is a 5th grader and told her she is growing up already as fast as she is. Funny thing is she called me on the last day of school emotional and admitted she didn't want to be a 5th grader. Every year when school ends she gets emotional. She loves school and would rather stay than have summer break.

A week after school was out, Savannah and I visited my mom in Utah. We relived memories of Dad with Matt and his family at the Strawberry Days rodeo and parade. I always enjoy seeing them and teasing with my big little brother. My little nieces and nephew are growing so fast! It was also good to see John and Kathy. We were able to visit with Michael who we haven't seen in such a long while - he looked really good and I wished I would have taken a picture of us all together.
Rodeo Fans
With mom at the Carnival

Pugsley hiding from the fireworks
The holiday was good  - we did fireworks, had some ribs and of course mom's potato salad. I think we made the neighbors a little nervous this year lighting fireworks in front of our house (they sell the big ones that go in the air here) so we stopped early and saved the rest for next year. What's also funny is Pugsley was super nervous too (yet she is deaf) and Bear wasn't upset as he usually is. You just never know.
What's the 4th of July without BBQ?

A couple weeks ago my sister, Monica, stayed the night after visiting her grand kids in Indiana and Nebraska. It is nice to know we are only a few hours away from where they live and I am so grateful that she and her husband could come by if it was just an evening. We had dinner, played games, and just spent time together. I miss having visiting family on Sunday evenings - as a kid that is all I remember. Either going to Grandma's or taking the kids to see their grandma. Just being together - Sunday's are always so different from other days of the week in this respect.

Say "Cheese"
Last week we took Savannah to the Milwaukee airport where she flew as an unaccompanied minor to Dallas for a two week visit with her Grandma and Grandpa Hale. She misses us but is having a great time and will come home with good memories. They have all sorts of things planned for her and the first on the agenda was Chuck E. Cheese! She will be home soon and I can't wait to hear all about it.

We are having our back deck resealed. It is amazing how different it looks and can't wait to see the finished results when the work is completed. We originally thought the wood was rotten and the whole thing would need replaced but after much research we found a company that seals and stains for a good price and is guaranteed for 25 years. Here are some before and after photos. They have cleaned it and sealed it and the next step will be sanding and staining. Here are photos of before and after the cleaning. There will be more to come after the rest of the process is complete. The camera doesn't do justice - it is amazing how much clearer things are in real life. Either that or I need to upgrade my camera (hint hint).
Yesterday I was promoted at work to Sales Coordinator and I will no longer be working in the Service Department. I will still be doing administrative functions but instead of for the Service Dept it will be for the Sales Dept. I was hesitant to apply for the job at first but something urged me to go for it and now I am not looking back. It's as if something was meant to change - I cannot deny feeling it. I just still have this feeling that there is more yet to come but I don't know what nor is it for me to know. For now I will be appreciative and move with the flow.

Charlie has been keeping busy with yard work around the house getting rid of old bushes that we never liked. There is a lot we love about our landscaping but there is also a lot that is really old and needs replaced. He has also been asked to help with some of the designs at our new church building and will also have an opportunity at his work for a new position.

Jake is on summer break at school right now. He is on the wait list for the nursing program at NWTC. We hope to have Sasha and her mom over for a BBQ soon when the deck is finished.

Today is our 11th wedding anniversary. Still doesn't seem like a large number but maybe because it feels like we've been together longer. Charlie made us a nice dinner at home of fresh tuna - I don't think either one of us had it before so it was fun trying something new. It was delicious! To continue celebrating we are going a dinner cruise on the Fox River.

Michael had his second child today. Her name is Harmony and from this picture she looks a lot like Michael. But I am probably bias. This makes two grandchildren for me - only trouble is I don't feel much like a grandma since we are so far apart. That and I don't have a relationship with their mothers.

I don't know where God is leading our life but His blessings are not going unnoticed. More to come on re-finishing the deck, Mom's visit in August, and hopefully more pictures of Harmony.