Thursday, November 13, 2014

Our little girl isn't so little any more!

Yep, it is getting more and more official every day. In big and small things. Our little girl isn't so little any more.
Here is Savannah's room before...
Yep, way back...

...then of course we had The Little Mermaid phase for a while.

And here is Savannah's room today. She picked the bedding, the rugs, and the curtains. The only thing we didn't do yet was paint...which I am hoping to do next year. We'd been talking for a while now that Savannah was getting too big for her bed and needed new furniture so when we finally had the money in the budget well that kind of made it a rush decision. We were able to find this used furniture for a great deal so we bought it right away and didn't really have time to paint.

As far as the small things go? I was reflecting back to the day Charlie cried when we bought Savannah her first Happy Meal. And just the other day I cried because she ordered her last.