Friday, August 05, 2016

Adventures with Garfield

We had a family date night tonight enjoying sushi at our favorite spot and then headed off to the drive in theater. Before we left I noticed that the drive in theater's web site said that pets were allowed but must be on leash. They didn't say what kind of pets. And being that we were seeing the movie Secret Life of Pets what would be more fitting than to bring Garfield?

This cat isn't afraid of anything! He doesn't mind the blow dryer or the vacuum, in fact he wants to fight with the vacuum. He doesn't mind riding in the car or his harness and leash. He is such a silly kitty and I love him. He even got in the tub with me the other morning.  

When we got out of the car and was setting up the chairs Savannah was walking him around - he is a very curious cat. He just follows her and doesn't try to run or anything. As you can imagine how much attention he got. Savannah was loving it too I might add. We weren't sure he would be okay for the duration of the movie since he wanted to check everything and everyone out around him, but eventually once it started to get dark he didn't notice so much and found a nice spot to bathe himself in the back of our SUV.

Here are a few pictures that we will laugh about for a long time, oh and the movie was good too: