Saturday, July 15, 2017

Making Summer Memories

Our summer rental in Iron River was absolutely beautiful. Who could ask for more with staying by the lake side flourishing with trees and nature. The first night we ate at a local supper club and they had awesome food. On the way to dinner we spotted a black bear trying to break into someone's cabin. Needless to say it was unsettling but totally awesome at the same time! I can only look back to the picture in my mind of it and am still in disbelief.

There was a beautiful dock and diving platform for the kids to swim  and fish around. My niece, MattieJo, came out to visit with us. She is the same age as Savannah and I loved watching them swim and play with nature and the dogs. They played cards and fished with their hands. Chipmunks were friendly so long as you had food and so were the does and fawn that frequented the area (until Bear attempted to chase them down).

Yes, people thought I was crazy to take my pets but even more so to take our cat. You see our animals are part of the family and I get such enjoyment watching them interact. Our cat often thinks he's one of the dogs. Besides I love animals, they bring so much life and joy in my heart. I spotted a pair of love quarreling woodpeckers in a tree above one morning and wouldn't you know it I didn't have my binoculars? Nonetheless I was able to take it all in.

My mom and Charlie's parents were both able to join us for the whole week and Jacob and Sasha also came out to visit and blow some fire into the sky to celebrate the 4th a little early. We had planned to visit the Apostle Islands off Lake Superior on a three hour boat tour. Yes, a three hour tour...and yes, we all sang the song in fun until we were told the boats were out of operation that day and not just for minor reasons but for extensive repair that was needed. Only good thing out of that day was that we weren't on the boat when they found out this information or we would have been stuck on Gilligan's Island and became the next hit sitcom! It was a bummer but you win some you lose some.

I will miss that little "glamping" spot we went to but will also relive the experience every time I look at my pictures.

MattieJo and Savannah ready to take a dip

Looking out at Delta Lake

Picture of the cabin in front drive


Adventures with Garfield. Here he is curious about fishing and wants to play with the dangling things on the end of the pole.

View of Cabin facing the lake

Two girls, a cat, and a pole

Playing a new game

Meeting in the middle

Learning to like the water

Love having a fire

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