Friday, July 31, 2009

Feelin' good on a Friday!

I am excited! I planted some perennial flower seeds just for the heck of it and less than a week later they sprouted up! God is amazingly awesome! I also love the rose of Sharon's that are blooming in my back yard. We drove past a couple large bushes last week on the way home from church. I only hope mine will grow as beautiful.

The flowerbed you see is a sampling of what I want to do more of in my back yard. Granted it is in the baby stage right now and I can't wait until the lilacs and rose of Sharon's' completely bush out! We are planning to rebuild our back deck next year making it large enough to accompany a patio set, BBQ, and spa. While planting our flowerbeds this year I have been playing with the idea of planting hollyhocks and a bunch of other stuff I've seen that I have fell in love with all around the deck. I've really gotten into gardening this year. 'bout time too! I even got my husband thinking I'm a pretty darn good "horticulturist" and doesn't that sound like a cool name or what?
Savannah has enjoyed helping with our church yard sale today. Of course kids love paint. I don't know why? The sale is going to be huge! Our church sanctuary is literally full! Before we painted posters we had collected all her old clothes to donate. She even had a few toys in mind to give. I think it was easier for her to part with the clothes knowing we were heading out to go school shopping afterward. There were a few items in there that of course she doesn't know about, however. Funny how kids get attached to stuff, or is it a girl thing?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Date Night

So our little family went and had us a date night. Here you see pictures of our appetizer at Texas Roadhouse and a night game playing a round of miniature golf. We had a lot of fun - Charlie got a hole in one, Savannah was able to get the ball through the chute, and I got mine through the castle door. Texas Roadhouse just opened in Lehi last week and we've been meaning to take the time to go to Trafalga every time we pass it by on the freeway. And can I just say no one has been able to top Outback's bloomin' onion? No one. I don't care who you are. (Hence why you only see the one below half eaten.)

When Savannah asked where we were going on our way to Trafalga, she wasn't so sure she would like the "grown up" game I tried explaining to her. When were done she exclaimed, "That was fun!" and now she has asked each night if we can go back to play. She actually made better shots than I did! We also had those silly booth photos taken just for the heck of it.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Growin' Up

Each of my kids are going through different chapters of their lives. It warmed my heart to see my boys on Sunday. They always greet me with a large smile and hug and suddenly I feel so short! They are about 6'2" the both of them!I haven't been able to hug Michael for a while, but will get to soon!
Michael will be released from jail next month with good time. He was originally scheduled to stay on until February and had applied for the work program and was going to go into some training for welding. He moved from working in the kitchen to working in the garden. He was able to work for a steel fabrication shop for a week before they let him go due to not enough work for laborers. It was too bad he couldn't have stayed longer while he learned to weld as they had originally planned for him to do. I know it is exciting for him to get out after being in a year, and he has made some plans as to what he wants to do when he gets out. He wants to work in the drywall business with one of his friends who is self employed. I hope it works out. If it does, it would give Michael a chance to be productive in the outside world not to mention it would be good to know someone to up our drywall in the basement. Business is hard in this economy I bet and I'd rather pay someone I know than someone I don't.
Jacob has been working on his uncle's farm. It used to be a dairy farm, then beef, now it is just land and a house. I am not sure if they were growing alfalfa or not, but with the large amount of land there is I don't see why not. Jacob has been helping to paint and do repair work on an older home on the property. I guess a pretty large lady was living there and had accumulated quite an amount of baby powder around the house. They've done a really good job and it looks really nice. I am curious to see what the before pictures looked like. Reminds me of the move What's Eating Gilbert Grape?, only they burned the house down. Jake says he has a new girlfriend but with out a car I am wondering if it isn't a virtual relationship? We'll see what happens. I've yet to find out her name. I think this is #3 for him.
Savannah has enjoyed Vacation Bible School this week. She made a turtle and had snacks and said her favorite was the dancing. This morning on our way there she asked which way we were going, and then said, "The Bible way?" I thought of the significance of that statement and related it to my life. I hope that she will always keep what she is learns dear to her heart and continue to ask questions. Last week she asked why we don't see God? I wasn't and still am not sure how to answer her so she can understand, but Grandma did a pretty good job.
While she was shy and scared the first day, today she was a bit more brave and asked if I would wait with her until her teacher got there. Once her teacher arrived she quickly gave me a kiss and joined her group. I wanted to stay and watch and see her interactions and join in with her but instead I have made a mental reminder to bring my camera next time to get her picture with her teacher. I realize she is at the age where she is able to express her experience through her memory of it and that I can't always be there to see it in person. Made it a hard day to work though. Her first day of Kindergarten is next month and while I will get her picture outside the front of the building, I won't know the rest until she gets out. I'm sure she will have a big grin on her face when I come to pick her up!
My little girl is growing up and so are my little boys. I pray continually for each of them to grow and learn and become and while I want to step in and lead them by the hand, I know it isn't always up to me anymore. A lot of it is up to them, but more importantly God. I know He has a plan for them. Because of Him, I trust they are in good hands.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I am one that always has to have something to look forward too. Don't get me wrong, it can't be something impulsive. That is not my personality. It has to be well planned and thought out and deserving at best. My brain gets too stressed if it isn't. Remember the events I talked about a few posts ago? Well two of the three are set!

For my birthday in October (actually a couple weeks after) we are staying in St. George and seeing Odyssey's Thriller at the Tuacahn. The two night stay from the presentation accompanies a $100 gift certificate for our choice of Olive Garden or Red Lobster. Not sure what hotel it will be at yet. Apparently they don't tell you until the last moment. All we need to pay is the county taxes, gas, tickets, and the rest of the food. I am sure we will have fun no matter where we sleep!

Next California here we come!

Come April we will be staying 9 nights, 7 in Oceanside and 2 in Anaheim at the Worldmark resort. The lodging for this cost a hefty price so we'd be crazy not to use it. We will be going to Sea World, Universal Studios, Disneyland, and of course the beach!

The first 4 pictures are Anaheim's amenities, it is a brand new resort. Then you will see the Oceanside amenities. If we're not out bumming too much we'll save some on buying groceries and making use of the full kitchen.

I am so excited! Savannah asks me everyday, "Are we going to Disneyland tomorrow?" I have told her it is going to be in the Spring but she still doesn't understand. This is going to be great cause we have never been alone on our own family vacation since we've been together. Yippee!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

All in the Golden Afternoon

Looking at the newly planted foxgloves in 0ur flower bed, The song "All in a Golden Afternoon" from Alice in Wonderland pops in my head. I'm not Alice, but life can sure feels like a Wonderland sometimes with all the hussle and bussle of the craziness this world has. Planting flowers makes me happy. Peaceful. I love digging in God's dirt!

I am so happy to finally have flowers in our front flower bed! This is a big step! I admit at first I was not looking forward to it and also felt overwhelmed with trying to make choices about what to put in there, but it is all a learning experience. No one becomes a gardner overnight. If we decide we don't like it or it dies, there is always another chance to try other things.

Aside from the smell of manure on my hands, I am pretty happy with the turnout! Now just a little plumbing work (note the hose in the back waiting to be fitted and placed for the watering system) and the other side to fill and plant (which is 5 times larger than this side I might add that will also occupy a pond and waterfall in the future) and we'll be all done. Yay!

Friday, July 10, 2009


So we got a new pool to cool off in now that it's finally getting hot. It's a nice sized one that I can lay down in if I so have the desire. It is just a blow up pool, no different than what we've had in the past. Of course my dream would be to have an in ground pool - a real one. Savannah is really getting into it this year.

The first day we tried it out she said, "I love this pool! Can we keep it?" It was hysterical!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Green thumbs?

Having a new house has been a challenge. No landscaping whatsoever and because I have the hardest time deciding what to do the more time it takes to get stuff done. Oh and the money factor. Well we have been so blessed this year we are besides ourselves, but we are enjoying the yard work we have accomplished. I feel it is a good way to repay God what he has provided us.

We moved in September 2003 and still have progress to make in and out. We have put in the bushes on the East side in the back, and now also have a bed on the West side. It's hard to tell but there are lilacs and Sharon of Roses in there amongst some perennial flowers. (The bricks as you can see are waiting to be set.)

In the front we have gotten the stones set in the front flower beds, These have been in place but for a couple of years but never permanently until now. Now the fun begins this weekend to pick something to plant! Anyone have suggestions of something pretty that will thrive mostly in shade?
Next we will be pouring cement to add to the pad we already have to make room for our future deck. Our goal is for next year and to make it big enough for a hot tub (we found used ones that are pretty reasonable) and our grill and a small patio set.

For the winter project I have asked for ceramic tile throughout my kitchen. I love tile, it is so smooth and cold on my feet!

Well that about sums up our home improvement in a year. I've been trying to keep up on each project, but am never sure if I catch them all!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Celebrating our Country

Yesterday we had a lovely time up American Fork canyon - it was breathtakingly green and flourishing with water this year. I loved it! We took Bear with us who got to chase chipmunks and was introduced to the nearby stream. For being part retriever he really does not like water!

We went for a ride through the Alpine Loop Scenic Byway to visit my sister and her husband in their canyon house in Provo. We ended up staying for a BBQ with steak, chicken, burgers and corn in the husk cobs! Was very good! The hummingbirds just buzzed all around us as if we weren't even there. She brought her pet lizard, Anubis (I think that is how it is spelled), Savannah finally got enough courage to pet him this year. Bear had a lot of fun playing with Rosta their large black poodle. Although it was unplanned this way, it was really good to get together. Seems like our family doesn't do this much anymore.

We headed back to mom's campsite and roasted some marshmallows for s'mores, put out the fire and said our goodbyes for the drive home. We were able to see the fireworks go off at Thanksgiving point while driving on the way home and lit a few for Savannah before she totally zonked out. She was so tired she didn't get past getting her pj's on to get ready for bed. She was so asleep that I had to dress her.

Being out in that air and the sounds of the bugs and birds and water and trees makes me really wish I had planned a camping trip our self! I just love the 4th of July. There is no better excuse to get out and just enjoy being together and appreciating our freedom.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Wheeler Historic Farm

We ended up changing plans from swimming to visiting Wheeler Historic Farm today with my sister and her family. Good thing cause it rained most of the day. I haven't been to the farm since my boys were younger and nothing seems to have changed. Savannah just loves all the farm animals. She chased ducks, collected their feathers, and rode a pony. I was reminded of how last week she asked me if we could trade the dog in for a cracked me up.

Afterward we got Take n Bake pizza and ate at my house. It was a nice visit, we didn't get to spend the whole day together but enough to enjoy ourselves.

She gave the pony a hug before she left, I wish I had a picture.