Thursday, June 30, 2005

Sod or Seed? How about both?

Well it's done! The sprinkler system is all buried and ready to go.
(Pat Charlie and the boys on the back for that one.) The only thing left
to do is to mount the timer in the garage, till the soil, level the
ground, and plant. We have three options. Sod, hand seed, or
hydroseed. We decided we are going to sod the front half of the lawn
and hydroseed the back. Because I've read that seed won't take in the
summer and it's a long process to wait for, we are going to do both.
Okay, I'll be honest. It's cause we want at least some lawn NOW! We
will probably be ordering the sod in another week or so. I've laid sod
before, but that was some time ago. Now it will probably kill me, but
I'm excited to get it!!!! Yay! That means we will all be able to play
on the "front lawn" in the near near future! Can you believe it?

It only seems like we just bought the house, but it will actually be
two years this September. I was pregnant when we moved in and we knew
we wanted the lawn, but we opted for a central air unit instead since
the baby wasn't here yet anyway and I'm sorry, but after buying a house
you are dead broke! Needless to say we didn't want to finish the summer
that year without an AC unit. We were supposed to have the lawn in last
summer, but other things took priority (Like my working part time to
take care of Savannah). Besides, we thought what will the city do? Kick
us out? Fine us? They didn't even say anything. So now we await the
next chapter of "the becoming of our lawn" phase in our life...

Independence Day

Another year passes by and again it's the 4th of July...hey I rhymed! We have plans to go to Mom's again this year same as last. I can remember last year vividly as it was the first 4th of July without Dad and I actually didn't miss him as much as I thought I would. It felt as if he were there the whole time watching the kids catch the baseball and sitting next to us to view the fireworks! I hope he will be this time.

We will be doing a carbon copy of what we did last year; weenie roast, various salads, soda, desserts and of course fireworks. My sister, Monica, and her family will be there, my family will be there, and my mom and my other brother and his wife, John & Kathy. Tina and her family are out on vacation river rafting in Colorado (I think that's where it was), Marty and his family are at a reunion in Idaho, and Matt will be out with a new baby. Jennifer doesn't live here, but we always think about her and wish she was on all the holidays that she isn't around. We decided to have the roast Sunday night to enjoy staying up late and sleeping in on the holiday rather than actually celebrating the day of the 4th.

I think I've mentioned all my brothers and sisters above and just realized that I never really introduced them properly. Maybe now will be a good time. Tina is the oldest, she's about 8 or 9years older than me, I don't know for sure. She is married to Kipp and has four kids, Felicia, Brian, Marissa, & Dominic. Monica is next...I really don't know how many years different we are, maybe 6. She is also married to Jay and has 4 boys and one girl, JJ, Andy, Peter, Alex, & Lacy Jo. John is next, he is married to Kathy - no kids as of yet, just a dog named Sheba. Jennifer is after that. She and I are closest probably because we lived in the same room together growing up and we are the closest girls in age. She lives in Washington, is married to Rob and has a boy and a girl, Sid & Zoe. Marty comes next. He is married to Cherise has two girls, Contessa and Cherokee, and one boy, Chevy. Then you have me, the "Cindy Brady" of the bunch whom I've already given details about. I mean come on, it's my blog, duh. Matt is my "big little" brother. He is 8 years younger than me. Mom had quite a stretch there, eh? He is married to Kelly has two little girls, MattieJo and on the way, Kinley Marie...she will be here today!

So there you have it. Mom and Dad put up with all of us, bless their hearts...and I'm sure I'll have more stories to tell about growing up together by way of blog. It's good to reminisce and I think as the holidays approach we become reminded of the memories. Holidays are the reason so many of our memories are memorable.

Family picture 1980 or 1981 (Can't tell how old Matt is...)

Left to right (not including Mom & Dad); Jennifer, Monica, Tina, John, Marty, & Me. Matt is in Mom's lap.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Another niece

So I'm going to be an aunt again. My 25 year old brother is having his second baby tomorrow. The doctor said the baby probably weighs around 8 lbs. They are going to name her Kinley Marie. She will only be 12 months and 3 weeks younger than her bigger sister, MattieJo. That's gotta feel like being pregnant for two years straight if you ask me! My brother and his wife ask me if we're done having kids, and to tell you the truth we don't know. We say we are, but we are not cutting any ties to possibilities at this time. Funny though, I dreamt last night that I was pregnant, what's up with that???? Here is a little interpretation on dreams of pregnancy:

To dream that you are pregnant, symbolizes an aspect of yourself or some aspect of your personal life that is growing and developing. You may not be ready to talk about it or act on it. This may also represent the birth of a new idea, direction, project or goal. To dream that you are pregnant with the baby dying inside of you suggests that a project you had put a lot of effort into is falling apart and slowly deteriorating. Nothing works out the way you want it to.

If you are pregnant and having this dream, then it represents your anxieties about the pregnancy. In the first trimester, your dreams usually consists of tiny creatures, fuzzy animals, flowers, fruit and water. In the second trimester, your dreams will reflect your anxiety about being a good mother and concerns about possible complications with the birth. Dreams of giving birth to a non-human baby are also common during this period of the pregnancy. Finally, in the third trimester, you will tend to dream about your own mother.

For a man to dream that he got a girl pregnant, forewarns that his indiscriminate sexual activities may come back to haunt him.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Crystal Hot Springs 2005

Well, our trip was a success. We left pretty early to go to the Springs, but can you believe it? We ran into traffic due to road construction. I'm tellin''d think if you went far enough out
of the cities it would get better, but I guess those roads in the middle of no where need work too. (Not!)

After we settled into camp, we all went swimming. Savannah loved it. She especially laughed when I would go under the water and then pop back up. I don't think she had the concept of the amount of water there was cause as we were drying ourselves she took off after a beach ball and almost ran right into the pool! The boys got a little burned on the second day of swimming, but not too bad. They had a lot of fun too, I think most of their time was spent in the water on tubes their Aunt Kathy bought them but probably lounging and looking at the swim wear on the opposite sex!

The first night we had steaks. Charlie wanted to BBQ them over a fire but instead we bought charcoal briquettes and some wooden chips flavored with either Hickory or Mesquite I don't remember, all I do know is that they were good! The second day, my sister's husband, Jay, made BBQ pork meat in the Dutch oven and we had a late lunch with them. It was also
very good. I gotta tell you though, I missed Savannah's high chair. It was hard juggling her on my lap, feeding her, and eating my food at the same time. She has gotten to be quite the little Miss Independent. She now wants to feed herself everything, which is fine if she's in the high
chair, but this weekend we didn't have that option.

Savannah is also little Miss Goes a Lot. She was walking around as if she owned the whole campsite. She would walk out of the campsite into another, then come back and tease the dog, then climb up the picnic table, then crawl up into Grandma's motor home. It was relief to come
home and not have to worry about where she was next since she's pretty much limited to getting too hurt inside the house. Because she is so active, one of her newest nicknames is Suzy Shiner. You see, the little BBQ pit that we used for the steaks was also about the same height as
her little face. She often walks around while looking behind her at something else. Needless to say she usually bumps into stuff 99% of the time, so of course she ran right into the corner of the BBQ. Luckily it was during the day with nothing burning in it, but she sure did give herself a shiner in the shape of the Nike Swoop.

All in all we had a good time. I only wish my sister Monica could have stayed for the whole time. I don't get to see her very often and when I do, time flies too fast. It was odd at first that Dad wasn't there as were getting ready to leave and that it was me driving his truck instead of him. On the way home we listened to his old country station on the AM radio, so it felt just as if he were there.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Getting ready

The only thing I hate more than getting ready for camping is getting home and unpacking. It's hard sometimes to even think about planning a camping trip because before you can actually enjoy yourself there is a lot of work to do. While your there, life is fine...unless of course you can't stand to live without the TV, computer, and the air conditioning. But the getting to and coming from part is the part I hate the most.

I need to block all that out and just think about Savannah playing in the pool. I can't wait to see her reaction and it will be exciting for her as well. I'm sure she won't want to get out of the water! I hope in many ways it will be a warm weekend so she doesn't get too cold. We bought her a little baby tube that she sits in and floats around. I wonder if she'll like it. When I think back, Jacob as a baby was petrified of his, so it will be neat to see the difference in kids.

Thinking about that makes me wish Michael and Jacob were still little too. Time has to fly by like there is no tomorrow and it seems your life is eventually left with less new experiences as it goes by. It would have been fun to watch them grow up through the years and share their experiences with someone who was a real dad like Charlie is now. If only we would have met sooner...

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

That dang cat

That's it! Muffer's is grounded! Muffers is one of two house cats residing with us that has recently been given many privileges to explore the world outside of our home to get away from her dull life inside. She hasn't been out since she was a kitten unless it was on a leash or harness with close supervision. Since we've been working on our sprinkler system we have let her out as she enjoys rolling in the dirt and being outside so much. She has always been good to stay in our yard so we have continued to let her out once a day. Recently though, she's started to expect to go out, as if we owe it to her. She runs out at the first chance, well there's going to be some discipline put in place. I can't say as I blame her, but there are reasons she needs to be inside, those she doesn't understand and will never understand.

Last night was a different story, we let her out, but never really made it outside to work on anything and because of that, I think we forgot she was out. Come 10:00 at night we were frantically looking for her. She's been declawed, so we don't want her out where she can't defend herself. There's been times where I've called her not knowing where she was and she always came. Not last night though. Last night she was out painting the town red and either too far away to hear us calling or just ignoring us. So after looking for about 20 minutes, we all went to bed. I told Jacob she'd show up in the morning and wouldn't you know it but come 5:30 this morning she and another cat were outside the back door cat fighting! Maybe that'll teach her.

Let me give you the history of our little kitty, Muffers. Muffers came to us on a warm September evening in Wyoming. It was about a month and a half after Charlie and I had met and was the first trip the boys and I took together to visit him at his apartment. Well we made a whole weekend out of it and decided to make a big family meal that night. We decided to make a real home cooked meal - fried chicken, potatoes & gravy, broccoli...the whole works. Yum. As we were cooking, the kitchen as you know can get quite smokey when frying anything, so we decided to open up the front and back doors to let some cool air in. Next thing I know there is this stupid dog standing in the back doorway. He had this idiotic look on his face, like, "I smell something" After Charlie yelled at him to get outta there, I walked out to the front porch to look at the moon. I found Charlie had followed me to snuggle in the cool summer air and as we were looking up at the sky, low and behold this scraggly black and white kitten came running toward us beaming with affection of meows and leg rubbing.

We thought she was cute of course, and Charlie instantly called her by the name of Muffers because she was such a furry little thing and it's stuck ever since. She circled our legs inviting us us to pet her as if she was starving for attention. She would lay on her back and let us rub her belly covered with long curly fur. We figured she was a stray since she wasn't the cleanest and just a skinny little thing. So we fed her some dinner and scooted her on her way just in case she was someone's pet and also because Charlie wasn't allowed to have pets in the apartment. She didn't act that hungry though, or at least not for fried chicken. Kind of strange I thought for being a stray, but now I know why she wasn't all that interested. Muffers only likes dry cat food. Boring. We have found that out during the last 2 1/2 years we have had her.

After that weekend, Muffers came back and stayed at Charlie's house indefinitely. She didn't want to go anywhere else and was good company to him since we weren't around. So he made her a litter box, bought her some cat food, and gave her a bath. She would sit on his lap while he was at the computer, she would snuggle with him at night, she would wait for him when he got home from work, she would do silly things like burn her whiskers on the burning scented candles to smell them.

It's only obvious to you that she moved down here with him in November and has been with us ever since. When he moved down, she wouldn't associate herself with anything for weeks. She's always been very nervous about new places and so I really thought her being outside she wouldn't go too far but she has become too comfortable and confident in her surroundings I guess. She's always been such a good kitty and last night she gave us such a scare.
On the other hand there is Kittens. Total opposite from Muffers, but that's another story...

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Hmmm... Can I just say a few things?

So it's raining again. We are going to be camping this weekend at a swimming park, let me say that again...camping and swimming. I'm sorry but rain combined with those two do not make a match. This is the most rain we've had since I was a kid. So you plan your summers around the drought, learn to adapt and make use of it, what does it do? It rains almost once per week. We are still not done with our sprinkler system for which Charlie is taking off tomorrow and Thursday to work on, and do you think the weather will permit?

I've decided to not go to Goblin Valley and Arches on the 4th of July weekend anymore. Too much camping weekends in a row will not be good for my sanity, nor for my husband's. We will be staying home instead. I got the reservations for Labor Day, so that will give us something to do out into September. Now I just need to plan something for October, perhaps UEA weekend. I don't know though, my babysitter is having a baby in October. Maybe I should stay home with Savannah while she is on maternity leave? Yes, that would be fun .

Only problem is, my job. Things are changing in administration for the regions and that is who I work for. What will become of it and when? Will they ever let us know? Is it cool to be in limbo? Is this what it's like to die and wait for God to make his judgement? We're state employees, they can't just boot us out, right? Right?

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Happy Father's Day, Dad.

My Dad with me and my brother Marty

Well Dad, it's year two that we're going on without you. It seems that lately all the advertisements on television and radio are focused on guys out there that go by the name "Dad" too. It's unfortunate that I get angry with them and curse at the people around me who talk about their dads so nonchalantly as if it was never thought he would be gone for a minute. I guess it's all part of the grieving process. There are going to be really bad holidays and some not so bad. I'm not alone in this, you know. Mom has also lost her dad, he went before you. So why do my feelings of pain make me so special? Charlie tells me you don't want me to be sad, but you know I miss you and I give it my best not to be. I know you are where you are supposed to be, but sometimes, I just want you to be here -laughing at the things Savannah does as she grows, remembering the things Michael and Jacob did when the were growing, and giving us advice as we do this or do that to the house. I think this year will be worse than the last.

Next weekend when we go to Crystal Hot Springs, it will be the first we'll be back since you've been gone. And even though you never went swimming or came to watch us in the pools, it will still never be the same with out you. We will also be going to that old place you used to take us as kids for our family reunion. Remember Palisades? Most of my adolescent summer memories remain there. That place will always remind me even more of the good memories I have of you. So we go on and make things new with mom and try to go places as often as we can with her. I know it's 100 times harder for her, so I commend her for everything she still must do, to be able to conquer day in and out. I can't even imagine. Doing things we used to do will usually feel quite empty to me, but eventually time will take the newness of the emotion away. It's weird though, I don't want it to fully ever go away, it is all I feel I have left of the closeness to you that I know. They say that's normal in bereavement group, and it makes sense to me too. Afterall, we hold on to what we can and treasure it away in our heart shaped box.

Remembering your last 5 years is the way I remember you the most. You gave me many notions of who you truly are. Wise, careful, sentimental, loving, giving, and creative. I remember the time you offered to accompany me in court while the boys were in foster care and I didn't understand why you wanted to come. I remember you telling me it was to " be supportive." I felt so greatly honored.

You made me feel as if I wasn't really a bad mom for letting myself go and the boys ending up in foster care in the first place. All because you did support me, I felt better about who I was walking in that courtroom door and in front of the judge. You really did and I wish I could have told this to you in person. It may have taken me until I was 28 to really get close to you, but nonetheless I feel like a true daughter blessed with a father's love. You were always there for me. I felt as if I could talk to you about anything and you wouldn't judge me. You listened more than you talked, you worried probably more than I know or took the time to find out. The fact that you kept my schoolwork and cards throughout the years really means a lot to me. That is a true dad. That is my dad and no one else's. I miss you, have a Happy Father's Day where you are...

Love your little girl, Tammy

Friday, June 17, 2005


Well another great day to end the week. Being that it's a Friday that is. It's funny though, lately it feels like we do more work on the weekend than we do at work during the week with our jobs combined. Because we don't go to church on Sunday I guess we don't rest, we seem to always have something that needs to be done. Laundry, shopping, housework, yardwork, homework (for those that are in school at the moment, heh heh), etc. Only we have never had yardwork until the last couple of months now that we've been putting in the sprinkler system. This weekend we are getting the rest of the parts and will be working on finishing it up. Yay! Finally! I'll be so happy when there is plush green carpet for us to play on and no more dirt tracked in my house!

With all the rain, Charlie going back to school, and the soon to be upcoming camping trips for the summer, we will continue to be running behind on the lawn. But that's okay, we've never really set a schedule other than getting it done this summer. I think Charlie and I are both looking forward to the landscaping part the best. That is where the real creativity and partnership comes in. I don't think we'll be doing that until next spring though, unless for some reason we put sod in instead of seed.

Next weekend we are going to Crystal Hot Springs water park and campground with my mom and my brother and his wife. My other brothers are doing some truck thing up there, so we will go to that too???? I don't know the details of all that but I do know that this will be Savannah's first realy swimming experience. We took her to a lake last year but she didn't like it until the last day when we were leaving, and she was only about 7 months old. She's been in a swimming pool with me before, but was scared of it and the water was too cold to her liking. It will be fun to see her now that she's older and can play in the water!

The weekend after that I have made arrangements to stay at Goblin Valley campground. Charlie has never seen the rock formations of Southern Utah so it will be fun to take him. The boys have never been to Arches National Park either, so I want them to see that also. My sister is letting us borrow her "kid backpack" to carry Savannah in so she will be set for the small hikes, etc. I only hope Charlie and I are up to it, lol.

So not much rest for us for the next few weeks, maybe we do need to set Sundays aside after all, or Monday, or Tuesday, or Wednesday...

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Back to school...

For Charlie that is. I just realized this afternoon that he will be going back to school next week. I was like, "What? Already?" He's been going to school for 3 semesters now at ITT Technical Institue to get his degree in Electronic Technology. This will be his fourth semeseter. Since he'll be gone two nights out of the week, I will probably bombard my space here with more blogs than usual. His classes run from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m., so I usually wait up for him on those days. Oh well, blogging is good for me, I mean if it weren't for this free space, I wouldn't be keeping any kind of other diary. It's funny. To me it makes a difference knowing that if someone will be reading it that makes it worth writing. It's like I have someone to write to. So thanks for reading and replying! Only thing is, is there a way to save this stuff on a disk or something so it doesn't get all lost?

So my clam chowder turned out great yesterday. Too bad it was too chewy for Michael to eat comfortably. First day is the hardest after oral surgery, funny how I don't remember much of mine. I guess I should have made something more along the lines of tomato soup. I just don't think to remember how hard it is sometimes to eat even the tiniest little chunks when you have had work done on your mouth after coming home from the dentist.

Oh yeah, so we finally saw Episode III!!! I really liked it, in fact this is the first I have ever really been into Star Wars. I think having Charlie help me to understand the first two episodes was the key. I don't know who's idea it was to start the movies with the fourth book, but man, I have always been confused about what the big deal was with Star Wars until now. I mean not everyone has read the books like Charlie has, right? Yeah, he's read them, every one. Not to mention all of The Hobbit and LOTR books too. I know.

I'm kind of disappointed though. I had to come home and watch "A New Hope" after we saw the movie in the theater, but I was really let down with the older effects and the acting of the character Obe One. It was strange; to me the older version of Kanobi was more young and carefree than the one in the prequels. I don't know...just me I guess. I'm beginning to think my friend, Gina, is right. Maybe they should recreate the rest of the movies...I'm sure everyone would pay to see them all again, wouldn't you?

Friday, June 10, 2005


Well Michael had his wisdom teeth pulled today...he's doing good as far as I can tell. I've got to make sure to keep on top of the pain. The part he hated the most was when he woke up and his lip was numb. Couldn't drink his shake very well I guess. I think he thought it would be worse than what it is, but he likes the special treatment of being taken care of and the extra goodies to eat that he normally doesn't get, who wouldn't?

So instead of buying canned clam chowder to give him for dinner, I thought, why don't I just make it? It's actually cheaper to make than to buy already made, and why not? I have the day off. I can be a stay at home mom for a day, right? Well we'll see how it turns's been since around Christmas time that I made it last. I"ve got home made bread in the breadmaker (of course it's not really home made you know) so if anything goes wrong we can mop up the chowder with the bread. I'm sure it will be fine, since my good friend Lauri, who moved to Montana and I miss by the way , taught me how to do it. Of course I'll never make it the same as she does, but it's worth one hell of a try, or two...

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Take me out to the Ballgame...

The baseball game on Sunday was a lot of fun, and you can't get any better than free. The tickets were General Admission, no surprise there, but I think we had pretty good seats. It was our choice of the grass section or anywhere in the area of the top seats (the nose bleed section). So we chose to sit up above to stay out of the sun and the weather up there was great! Shady, cool, and breezy. Of course we spent a fortune on snacks there, so I guess it's a good trade off. The baseball game in itself is considered to be a slow game, but the time we spent there went a lot faster than I had thought it would. Stingers won, woo hoo!

I guess the free tickets brought in a lot of newbies like us to the game. They said on the news that night it was a big hit in giving those out. It brought over 10,000 peeps to the game and most of those normally wouldn't have been there most of them having never been and will plan to come back. And who said the best things in life are free? I think it's good marketing if you ask me.

Microwave Popcorn and more Microwave Popcorn

So yet another person comes into the office and makes their daily popcorn. We get left with the smell. You see, the microwave is on the side of the building that we sit on (my team mates and I) and there is no air flow at all through this area. The air is stagnant as can be. If it's not burnt, it's making us hungry, if that's not it, it's making us suffocate needing fresh air. I'm sure we go home smelling like a movie theatre or something. They pop their popcorn first thing in the morning until quitting time and then walk away to their desk where the smell isn't.

Don't get me wrong. I love fresh microwave popcorn, just wish the smell didn't have to permanently park it's butt in the air afterward. Anyone else got any fascinating microwave popcorn stories?

Monday, June 06, 2005

Cheese please?

So my mac and cheese turned out okay for the most part. Not exactly as what I was craving, but it was still mac and cheese. I didn't have any bread crumbs for the topping so I used crushed, edible I guess. And I'm wondering how do they get the cheesey crust to form on the outside? By not using aluminum foil?

My biggest problem with cooking is that I need to remind myself I am no longer living in a house with 6 kids. I learn to make stuff by copying what mom did from when I was younger and lo and behold, I come out with a huge pan (the next size up from the 13x9 baking pan) of this mac and cheese. Well needless to say, I have leftovers now for days of it and will probably continue my cooking career with making oversized amounts. My kids are getting to where they hate leftovers because we have so many between my cooking and my husband's. Charlie used to be a cook in a restaraunt, so yeah, his portions aren't minmal either. At least we won't starve, eh?

The pineapple-upside-down cake was good too, only I should have sprayed the sides of the pan to keep the cake from sticking there. And why is that everytime I've made a yellow cake lately it is always crumbly as can be? Had it been picture perfect, I'd attach a photo for you now. It was very tasty though. Charlie liked the caramelized taste of the butter and brown sugar topping, and yes, so did Savannah. I think she's gonna be like her momma, sweet tooth and all! Yummilicious!

Mom's know best...

So I took a pic of our aquarium "before cleaning" in hopes that I could take another that same day of "after cleaning." Not. I bought this dinky magnet cleaner at Walmart that I knew wouldn't work alone being that the algae on our tank is at least 1/4 inch thick. I was thinking out loud in the pet aisle that I needed to also buy a scraper for the initial cleaning when Michael told me not to and assured me that I didn't need it. I quickly agreed as the aisle was filled with old-lady perfume that was making my lungs hurt and we got the hell out of there. Well after getting home and only using the little magnet for quite some time, I realized I should have ignored Michael's reasoning and listened to myself knowing that most of the time my own instincts are very real, very true, especially when it comes to cleaning things.

Not only did the aisle stink to high heaven to influence me to make a quick decision, it was also his point that because we previously had a spongey cleaner on a wand, and that was what we were replacing, that I shouldn't be buying another one. Did he stop to think that the algae had been growing for a month and that I have waited too long to get something new to use and would need that damn scraper? LOL

Stupid plecostumous', why do they keep dying??? It's their fault I have too much algae in the tank in the first place!

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Slowly, but surely...

And yes, we are still working on our sprinkler system. Well I should say the boys and Charlie are, not us girls. Oh I have my share of house work to do though, but it seems Savannah follows my path and undoes everything I just did, LOL.
We have most of our back yard covered now...our front yard will be next. The boys are outside now digging the last few trenches around the central air unit and where the gas lines are that the trencher couldn't do for us.

Hopefully all our work and errands will be done before dinner time. I plan to make home-made macaroni and cheese. I haven't had that in so long and have been craving it. I also bought some rib-eye steaks to enjoy while Michael's here. He is getting his wisdom teeth pulled next week, so better get some steak in that boy before he can't chew it for a while.

For dessert, I am making pineapple upside down cake. I found a recipe in my Grandma's recipe box that I want to try. It's neat to go through all her recipes knowing that she used to make all this stuff. I don't even have a recipe box. If I can't find it online, I don't make it. Normally I don't even make dessert, but I had a cake mix in the cupboard that I need to get rid of and this recipe will do it for me. Charlie has never had pineapple upside down cake, can you believe that? I don't think my boys have either, so this will be a new experience.

Well, gotta go, Savannah's fixing to pull her pony tail out again.